Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Try At Dementional Pansies...

Hello.... stamper friends.  Hope you've been enjoying stopping by and visiting my work?  I still ask you not to be shy and let me know if there is something here to inspire your creativity along your path?  I know I draw inspiration from other fellow stampers websites. 

This particular card idea inspired  me when looking at another blog from stamper Mama Dini's Stamperina.  (Her link here will help you see a visual.)   Dini explained that she  purchased a pretty flowered dimensional die cut sheet that you would partly cut out the flowers and then turn the paper over and use a soft surface and then take your stylus pen to the back of your sheet of paper and press into a mouse pad or soft surface while using a circular motion to pull it toward the center of the flower thus, giving it dimension when you view it from the original side or  flowered printed side .   

I really liked that look.  However, not knowing where to purchase the dimensional die cut....I had a light bulb moment and thought....I may be able to make my own flower design with my stamp set from  Rubber Stamp Tapestry  called  Violet Border SFL 34020.  I then got creative and stamped the flowers into a pattern I liked and then took my Exacto knife and cut the Pansy's only partly (as Dini's directions explained) and tried to make them appear dimensional with my stylus pen.  Decorating the rest of the card just came natural.  The raised effect is there however, in my picture it is a bit hard to see.  Truly sorry....

I was quite happy with the way it turned out and didn't have to spend any money on any supplies or die cuts.  YEA!!!  Another happy moment not spending any money for my project. 

As always....I'm happy to have you stop by.  Tell all your friends to pay me a visit and I look forward to another visit with you next week.  Till next week.....HAPPY STAMPING!!!

Blessings to all….Leanne


  1. Dear LeAnne~

    Wow! You combined so many of my absolute favorite elements together in this one card! I absolutely love purple and yellow wedding colors. And, Irises are one of my favorite flowers, visually...and pansies are collected in my home. They don't grow here. They are on my tea set collections! I love what you did with this card! I sometimes use regular floral paper that you can buy from the sheet, and cut out individual flowers and do the same thing. I have not been fortunate to find irises or pansies, however. I love the bright white background! The embosing, the beautiful vine and the punch work you did on the side! This is so beautiful! I would love to put it on my "Wall of Inspiration!" In my art room, I have cards that inspire me, Scripture, quotes, photographs (a few), and the word "JOY" just everywhere! It was my word of the year. I focused on finding real joy in Him to add to my life. It is amazing!

    Thank you so much for showing the HE IS Able blog's 1st Blog-o-Versary Candy Give Away! Your name has been entered twice for the really big give-away! All your readers need to do to enter is visit the blog, and leave a comment with an email or URL for their blog. (It can be emailed to me.) The drawing is on the 29th...winner announced on the 30th. I hope you will stop by on the Monday, Wednesday and Friday posts! We Glorify God in every post, and would love for you to join us in that! Thanks for participating!


    He IS Able,
    Traci S.

  2. What a lovely card! Love the flower, the colors and the sweet little butterflies! Thx for playing SAM challenge. Hugs, Linda.

  3. How Beautiful! I love what you have done with my stamps!! I am going to link you to my blog so others can see!


  4. ohhhhhh! What is better than flowers and butterflies??? Absolutely Gorgeous! I am so lucky to be able to view all your wonderful creations! I am going to whine at my husband to help me link your blog to mine so that you will be just a click away! (he's the computer geek in the family) ;)
    All the best!
    Lisa :)

  5. Oh my goodness, just now seeing this! Thanks for the shout out - I'm so glad you were able to do the technique - it looks beautiful!



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