Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year....With A New Look!


First I'd like to wish each of you a happy and prosperous New Year along with God's richest blessing in the New Year.

As the New Year begins...I decided I'd like to begin this year with
a new look on my blog.  So here it is!
As we all try to take on New Year's resolutions, I decided on a New Year's resolution of my own to try to give my blog a new look for the New Year.   It's been fun learning and discovering how to present a new look on my blog. I enjoy personal challenges sometimes.  So here you have it!  I hope you like it?

When I first began my stamping blog last March I didn't know anything of how a blog worked?  So, I began to read and began playing with Blogger.Com to see if I could learn how to do one of my own.  As I got started, it began to take shape and I learned gradually how the template works and decided to post it out there for others to view my work since I so enjoy viewing and reading other blogs out there.   It's been almost a year already of learning and growing on my site.   You may have noticed small subtle changes earlier this year and more to come along the way? 

So enough about's on to my next card for the New Year. I have a bit of humor to share with you about this card.   I made this Anniversary card for some dear friends of ours who live in Dallas, Texas. I sent it to them and they really loved it.  The funny thing is, I missed the correct date of their Anniversary by about a month and sent it to them on the wrong date unknowingly. 

After I sent the card in the mail something told me...."I don't think that was the correct date"?  My mind began to ponder? Was I sending this on the wrong date? I rechecked my calandar and YEP...I was wrong.  How their Anniversary date got written in my date book incorrectly, I'll NEVER KNOW?  Dave and Ann knew my intentions were well intended and laughed it off when they received it, but especially loved the card anyways.  (I bet I won't be making that error again next year?)

We ALL did manage to get a HUGE chuckle out of it anyway.  LOL!!!~@*#.....

Just a little bit about this card. I used my Martha Stewart Hydrangea punch to make little flowers and adhered them to the front of the stamped flowers. I think that the small flowers give this stamp a bit more interest to it.  I won't go on about all the little details to bore you.  I'm sure you can figure out most of the details yourself? 

Now...I love comments!
So... for "YOUR" New Year's resolution....
I'm challenging you!

I'm challenging each of you into leaving me more comments
through out the year so that I know you've been on my site or
following my site regularly?

I'd truly do appreciate it if you're finding my cards and projects an inspiration? 
So, please don't be shy! 
Let me know what you like or dislike on each of my
postings for all of 2012 and/or if  I can improve
on anything I post for you?

So...for this year....remember....
and I hope to see more comments from 
YOU ALL in 2012.
Happy New Year!
& each of you
from Leanne in '2012'



  1. That is such a wonderful card love the color.

  2. I'll be coming back week after week to see more of your lovely work. Your site is very nice. Thanks for sharing...

  3. Love this card, gorgeous, and purple is my favorite color!


  4. So wanted to see this card, but it seems to be unavailable :(


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