Sunday, July 14, 2013

Looking Through A Window...

How's the view from your home window? 
 Looking out of my home window... it is not quite as pretty sure was fun dreaming while looking through this window.
 I began this card with these lovely card fronts that I purchased at my last craft show that were already die cut out and ready to use. This package included the clear plastic to line the window here that you really do not see with my picture. Sorry!    I loved fact that this vendor was kind enough to add the plastic inserts to the package. It makes it look more real like.  You where given three pieces to make this card.  One for the front, then the plastic in the center and then one to glue to the inside to finish is off nicely as to not see the plastic when opening the card. 
First..... you are given a template to cut the center of your plain white card stock with a Xacto knife to cut the same shape of the window and then add and glue your purchased front, back and center to your card.
Being my first window card, I wanted to put a scene behind the window that was not a stamped image as the vendors exampled cards were on her display.  So I made my own scene from several different stamps I had in my stamp collection.

I began my scene with a center blue lake with my chalk inks and dobbers to make the lake. I then stamped my pine trees and scruffy tree tops while adding a few little leaves with my Tom Bow brown pen to the scruffy tree tops.  I also used my brown Tom Bow pen to add bark looking centers to the stamped pine trees. I also hand drew the tiny birds flying in the sky and clouds.

I then used my green and brown chalk inks blending the colors to make a brown and green shore line.  I used a stamp of tree branches I had to add a grassy shore while adding cat tails and sage brush to the scene. I also used my Tom Bow pen to try and add (hand drawn) small clumps of grass to the look here?   
I then cut out my two die cuts from Joy Vintage Flourishes of #6003/0300 (flower) and #6003/0032 (flower branch).  I then popped them up with pop dot's to add depth and added stickles to the branches and flower to add dimensional looking color on the leaves.  I also added three tiny white butterflies for more interest.
Next time I make another window card with the other back and fronts I purchased, I plan on using a stamped image to the windows scene for a different look than this.

It's been a pleasure having you here today. 
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  1. Oh how Lovely! This was a lot of work, but well worth it! I purchased some window cards at a stamp show...several years ago...and yes, they are still in the package unused. You have inspired me to get them out and try making a card with them...

  2. Leanne - this is gorgeous. Beautiful card. Great job on the stamped background.

  3. Such a fabulous window card Leanne and the scene you have created is stunning a very clever use of stamps and die cuts.


  4. What a gorgeous card Leanne. I've got this die but hardly used it - now I've got some inspiration. Thanks so much.

    Karen x


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