Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sundae Delight...

My sweet daughter who originally introduced  me into stamping had surgery this past week.  So I saw this cute little gift idea on Pinterest and ran away with it.  I couldn't resit.  I thought what a cute little idea for a gift to give her when I see her.  I gave her the white one and attached 3 Mylar Get Well helium balloons and tied them to the neck of the glass.  I thought it made a cheery presentation for her for after her surgery.  It truly did put a smile on her face when giving it to her. 
I added the cute little circle flowers that read...happy thoughts to the straw and attached a daisy flower and a cute pearl to the center.  I then hot glued the bath scrubby around the glass rim and hot glued a red pom pom for the cherry on top!  I used a small cello bag and filled it with bath salts which is hard to see in the picture. 
The verse and tag is the cutest.  I copied the verse that someone graciously handed out on the internet and generated it on my computer and cut it into a tag that I was able to download on the internet.  
The Verse Reads:

This very special sundae,
will leave you feeling great.
It's chock full of good things
even though it can't be ate.
Take it to the bath with you.
Of Course don't take a sip,
cause it may look delicious, 
but it's made to take a dip!
My daughter is on the mend now and is healing quite well so mom can once again return to home after spending time helping her and getting my sweet grandson on and off to school each day.  Only three more days of school for him and then summer fun begins for him.  Yea!

These really do make a cute little gift.  Don't they?


  1. Fantastic idea Leanne. Hope your daughter is feeling better. I'm sure she loved her gift.

  2. I can see why your daughter really liked this sweet, creative gift! And it does look "sweet" enough to I like gifts like this which are not only creative but also serve a purpose...(besides the cheering up, of course. Thanks so much for sharing...I must remember this idea...
    Hope your daughter is doing much better.


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