Monday, July 14, 2014

Waiting For You...

As I said before it's time to get back to stamping and creating.  Here is one that I've had waiting for you. 

I want you to notice two things the plastic placed between the window for a more realistic look to this card.  Second, as I've been busy and inspired from my dear friend Jerri Kay of  "A Touch Of Grace" to get crack-in and make some of my own flowers rather than store bought ones.  I tried to follow Jerri's directions as close as possible and that's how mine all turned out? I scrunched them up good and misted water to them to help the paper crinkle better, and used my embossing pen as she implied in her superb directions.  I however, did use my Spellbinders Die Cut called Rose Creations to cut them out and then improvised on the crinkly pink ones on this card. I cut each petal into smaller strips to form the whimsy effect on the larger flowers here.  The next few weeks I will be sharing some of these homemade flowers on my cards. 

Above are some that will eventually be on my next few cards in the coming weeks.

A closer view of my flower for you that is on this card!

I only was able to purchase white stamens for the center of my flowers so I took my Tom Bow Pink Pen and colored them pink.  

I added lace to the inside of the window to make it look like lace curtains.  

I really enjoyed making my own flowers although it makes for lots of work.  

Hope you were inspired to try a few of your own?  Hope you all come back next week for another peek? 
I'll be waiting!


  1. Wow! Just stunning! Well done with those flowers! I'm sure they are a lot of work...(That's probably why I have never tried to make flowers...and if I would try...I'm pretty sure mine would not turn out as well as yours have! Hope you have a good week. Blessings,Jill

  2. Stamps and Paper has left a new comment on your post "As I said before it's time to get back to stamping...":

    Beautiful card Leanne love the window effect and your hand made flowers are gorgeous


  3. Leanne, I think you're doing a fabulous job with those flowers, they are so beautiful! I still don't have the mulberry paper in stock. Sadly, my distributor just keeps telling me he's getting it. Now he's three months behind the date he promised I'd have it. :-(


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