Friday, July 22, 2011

"Thank You"

Firstly, I want to just take a moment to say `THANK YOU` to all my stamper friends who wrote such lovely comments on my last card "Lilac's, Lilac's, and Lilac’s".  Many of you left me such gracious comments not only on my blog but also on SCS.  Several of you also decided to follow my blog.  I always welcome new "Followers " to my blog.  Thank you to that also. 

I often wonder how much people really read of what I decide to write with each card.  So I am hoping you take time to read my sincere `THANK YOU` today.  Since, Blogger does not set their template to be able to email each one of you back individually; I hope you will take time to read my comment here today and to let you know that I appreciate hearing from you.  It's been a pleasure making new friendships with some many lovely stamper friends via the net.  

My kindest regards and blessing to all....Leanne

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  1. Hi again Leanne! Of course I read what you write! Your blog is so pretty! I am so happy that I can follow your creations, I love your style! My husband helped me link your blog on my blog roll and it works perfectly! You are just a click away!
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend!
    Lisa :) (Ashdale)


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