Monday, May 27, 2013

Shout For Joy....

Sometimes we shout for joy.  And this card feels cheery and expresses joy with the gorgeous blue background.

I was able to print this pretty hydrangea from Shoregirl's Creations.  Click here for some of the nice free things you can download and print for free.

I have someone in mind who I will eventually send this to after completing many long days of chemo therapy and a transplant for Leukemia.

Popping off quickly today sweet friends.  Not much more to share with you today.  Just glad you stopped in and hope you say hello with a comment or two?  I love hearing from you!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Spellbinders Decorative Labels Eight...

Recently I purchased this die cut from Spellbinders called "Decorative Labels Eight".  As you will notice I cut my die cut ever so slightly by cutting it over the folded edge so that I could open it upwards while showing the pretty edges instead of gluing  it to a piece of paper as my background.

Here is the inside to help visualize how it looks when opened.
I also used a square piece of embossed paper to adhere to the pretty edge and then used my daubers rubbing my chalk inks to the paper while giving it a pretty pastel colored background.  I continued to add layers and a couple Fleur D' Les to it.
As you may have noticed I have a bow here on this card.  I very seldom do large bows on my cards.  Most generally when I get done I find no room for a bow.  However, a pretty white bow really glammed up this card this time.  I may have to start doing more bows on my cards?  Sometimes I'm not real satisfied of how some of my cards turn out but, I really was quite pleased with this one.
Well...hope you have a happy scrappin week?
Do come back soon.......

Monday, May 13, 2013

Friendship Tea Bags...

Recently, it was my girlfriend Pat's birthday and each year I make her a card and give her a little something handmade to go with it.  This year I came up with this card and a clear cello pillow box with tea bags in it. As you will notice the tea bags where a little special.
I found this cute little poem on the Internet and put it with this free little tag from Astrid's Artistic Efforts website. With a program I have in my computer I was able to rewrite this poem on top of Astrid's pretty little tag. Here's how it reads....
I wanted my tea bags to be a little more than special.  I found these tea bag tags on line and printed them out and took off the ordinary brand tea bag tags and adhered these lovely little tags to them. I believe this helps add a special touch to a sip of tea, when Pat opens the box to use them.
Here is how they looked. 
Here is the address for you to be able to print and use them as well. 
I was late celebrating Pat's day with her this year, but it didn't matter.  We are long time friends and just happy to be able to get together since we live in different states. When I gave her, her card and little gift she was delighted.  It was worth the fun and effort. I hope you decide to use these little tea bag tags for a special friend sometime?

Monday, May 6, 2013

Thinking Of You...

Welcome back stampers!
Another week and another card to post. 
My how time flies?
I made this pretty little card for a long time friend Adele who I use to work with back years ago.  We got along great and had fun with a group of women in a large office where we worked.  Each year her and I exchange Christmas cards and fill each other in on our present lives.  This past Christmas I didn't send her a note in my card and just got around to sending her a little note to fill her in on what's happening this past year. 

I put this pretty little verse inside the card along with my note.

As you might notice I used two die cuts here and used only one piece of paper to do it. (One die cut on the top and the second on the bottom).  I added a row of lace to the meeting of the two die cuts just to look nicer.  It added a small touch to add more interest. 

My girlfriend loves the color purple so I made sure I used purple to line the background and add the silk flowers I had. 

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