Sunday, September 25, 2016

My Son's Wedding Card....

My son was married recently and I'm finally getting around to posting his card I made them.
We love our new daughter-in-law and know they will share many happy years together.  It was a memorable day for them. 

I put extra time into this one and enjoyed every minute of it.  There isn't anything sweeter than a wedding card to make.  I love all the touches of lace, pearls and glitter reminding me of the feminine style a wedding usually carries.  Their ceremony took place outside at a beautiful lake over looking the shore as they repeated their vows.  The weather, the food and fun was perfect for a June wedding.  

Here is the beautiful verse I found on line for free and added a few extra words to personalize it a bit more.  

Here is the envelope that I embossed to go along with this pretty card.  Thanks for stopping and have a happy week.  

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Stampin Up Fresh Folliage...

The penmanship stamp is one of my favorite little stamps from Stampin Up stamp set called Fresh Follage.  I also love the little post office stamp that says Paris.  I use them quite often.

I needed a quick little card for my girlfriends birthday and hurried and made this card and got it out in the mail for her. 

I wish I knew why I cannot change the font in the body of my posts back to my original text since upgrading to Windows 10.  If anyone has an answer I'd love hearing from you.  I've tried several times to change it back and it won't?  
Thanks for stopping and have a great week.

Red, White, and Blue ....

With Labor Day shortly around the corner I thought this card might be appropriate even though I made it for someones Fourth Of July Birthday.

Over the top of the back round I used a stamp that looked like cheese cloth and pressed gently all over not to capture the whole stamp and then used gold embossing powder.  I purchased decals from Michael's Craft Store for the firecrackers since I had no stamp.

This card was for a gentlemen who was reaching his 50th birthday.  So you may notice in the left and right side of the fire cracker there is a small 50 as though it was projecting from the fire cracker.

I was happy the way this card turned out and hope you enjoyed peeking as well?  

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