Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Water Coloring New Beginnings....

You may have noticed I've not been posting much.  I've taken a new direction in my card making and found out that I have more artistic ability than I ever thought?

Water-coloring has always been a passion of mine when I see it it done by particular artists and paintings that I run across, I always stop to admire their work.  I don't remember why I even tried to think that maybe I could get into it with any success?

One day I bought a paint brush kit that had tubes of watercolor and a few brushes in a case to store it.  I came home started playing with the colors and of course on Pinterest began to try to copy pictures that I thought I could possibly paint.  You may find some look a likes of these on Pinterest and notice mine are similar, but a tad bit different.  Go to "Stamping A Little Sunshine" on Pinterest and click on Water Coloring Cards.  You will see where my inspiration came from there.

Here are a few water color card fronts that I've painted and copied from ideas on Pinterest.  I always said "I couldn't draw a stick figure to save my soul".

These two scene coloring's are favorites of mine. 

I will be posting other ones I've done.... so stay tuned if you enjoy water coloring as I do!

How wrong, I was, all these years and didn't know that I had any artistic ability inside myself for  almost 60+  years?  Sometimes we just have to branch out from (our comfort zone) and try something we never thought was possible of your self.  

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