Sunday, July 24, 2011

Little Bits of Flowers

My last card of Lilac's seemed to be quite a hit among many of you
 and your lovely comments. 
Thanks again!

I have so many new cards to share with you that it is hard to decide which one I should post for you next?  I decided upon this one not because I think it is as pretty as some of my other cards that I will be posting soon, but it is made with my MS Hydrangea punch,  that I used to make the Lilac card. 

This particular card may NOT knock it out of the ball park, like last time... but, I still had fun achieving this one. This little card has precious little dimensional flowers among the flower pot.  Not quite as complicated as my last card.  However, I think this one achieves a very soft feeling with the potted flowers.  I used three different stamps to achieve this pot to look feminine. One of the stamp sets is from R.S. Tapestry Clear Stamp Set that I used for the pretty pot and the whimsy green branch effect.  The other two stamp sets were from a recent stamp show that I picked up and were unmounted stamps so I am unable to tell you the stamp name or manufacture.   I just kept layering each stamp into the pot until I felt it looked full with not overdoing it.  I then used my MS punch to make itty bitty flowers to give it dimension. 

Here is a close up to help you see the pot. 

Close up you can see I added 3 little butterflies made from Vellum paper and added Stickles to the center of each little flower for a little bling. I also added flowers and leaves to coordinate two of the outside corners of my card and there you have it!  I love the color combination here.  Yellow and pink and a spritz of blue with greenery just look so soft. 

I also used my corner punch to make a square boarder for the outside edge.  You can find directions to do that on  Becca Feeken's blog..  There is no need for me to reinvent the wheel when Becca has taken time to post directions to show you herself.   Thanks...Becca!

Enjoy your day and I will look forward to seeing you visit me again with another new card to share with you next time.  Happy Stamping girls.....

Happy Stamping…

Blessings to all….Leanne

Friday, July 22, 2011

"Thank You"

Firstly, I want to just take a moment to say `THANK YOU` to all my stamper friends who wrote such lovely comments on my last card "Lilac's, Lilac's, and Lilac’s".  Many of you left me such gracious comments not only on my blog but also on SCS.  Several of you also decided to follow my blog.  I always welcome new "Followers " to my blog.  Thank you to that also. 

I often wonder how much people really read of what I decide to write with each card.  So I am hoping you take time to read my sincere `THANK YOU` today.  Since, Blogger does not set their template to be able to email each one of you back individually; I hope you will take time to read my comment here today and to let you know that I appreciate hearing from you.  It's been a pleasure making new friendships with some many lovely stamper friends via the net.  

My kindest regards and blessing to all....Leanne

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lilac's, Lilac's, Lilac's....

When I was a young little girl about 8 or 9 years old, my parents owned their first home and I so remember next to our living room outside window there were three large purple Lilac bushes. I remember how pretty they looked when in blume.  I especially remember asking my mom if I could cut some and bring them inside for her and put them in a vase for our whole family to admire. She always said "yes"!  And if that wasn't enough, I would cut some in the morning and wrap them in wet newspaper and take them to my teacher at school.  I felt so good giving them to my teacher and seeing them on my teachers desk all day.  Enough of my childhood days .... LOL!

I decided to try and make my own Lilac flowers to share with you today since I have no Lilac stamps. This is how they turned out.  Not to bad for my first stab at it?  I  embossed my back ground with white paper with my Cuttlebug Leafy Branch for my background and began adding more leaf's around the Lilac's.  I made those Lilac's with my Hydrangea punch from Martha Stewart.  I built several layers making two layers to help the flowers look dimensional just like I did from the directions from Kitty Kraft's web site. If you go to my previous card on my blog called  "IF Friends Were Flowers, I'd Pick You"  you will see what I mean by layering the flowers with directions there for you to view Kitty's blog with her directionsA BIG "thanks" to Kitty Kraft once again for sharing her expertise with us all Her work is lovely!

I just cut and formed a Lilac shape to add each little pedal and put a little dab of  Ranger Stickles (Crystal color) in the center of most of the pedals to give it a more bling effect when done forming my Lilacs. Plus... real Lilacs do have a little yellow center in them. 
My final step was to add the cute little bird with my punch from Stampin-Up and then adhered a white whimsy feather to it's tail.  My final step was to add a boarder to off set the whole card.  I again used my Martha Stewart punch and made my own frame in to a square and added little Fleur De Li's cut outs in each corner to help hide that is not a true punch around a page set.  Let's not forget that I added white pearls to each corner of Fleur De Li's. Which helps soften each corner.

These flowers can be a bit time consuming but rewarding when done.   Hope this helped add more inspiration to your ideas today and will hurry back for a visit with me soon?

Until next time...Let your CREATIVITY run WILD!

Blessings to all….Leanne

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