Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Anniversary...

Back in June I was able to attend another Stamp show.  This was  my third stamp show for me this year.  I really enjoy going to them.  You can see so many new products and I enjoy walking around and seeing each particular booth and the demo's going on with the new products being offered.  I'm addicted!  So glad my husband is so supportive of my paper crafting and the $$$$ I spend while there.  LOL!!!

At this last show I purchased this lovely embossing folder from Marianne Design Co. from a booth there.  This particular folder embosses and cuts both at the same time.   I had seen this particular folder on a few websites and decided it was on my wish list.  So....I couldn't resist purchasing it right then and there as soon as I spotted it.  I told my self this is a must have to my collection of stamping products.

I decided to use the new folder to help make this card for an Anniversary and I decided to use a green background for a change.  Since it will be sent to a couple, (the gentleman) may like green rather than pink or purple that I'm usually so drawn to.  This card does look quite feminine.  I hope the gentleman can handle this soft and pretty anniversary card when receiving it for their special day?   I had some stick pins and thought this would add a different touch to this card for a change, as well as the little stamped Dragon Fly.   Hope this pretty card inspired  you to get stamping and creating?

So until next time....STAMP AWAY stamper friends!!!!

Happy Stamping…
Blessings to all....Leanne

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy Birthday To My Daughter...


Having a daughter is a special gift to a Mom.  The day my daughter  was born was one of the happiest days of my life.  The constant joy she has given me through the years is endless.  Thanks for the many happy memories .... enjoy your day....and may God continue to bless you and keep you.

This is the special card I want to share with you all that I made for my daughter.  I mentioned in a previous post that I had another card for you that I made with this particular die from Spellbinders but...was giving it to a family member for their Birthday and you would have to wait to see it until their Birthday was here. it is and hope you like it as well?   

I had this Spellbinders die and as I explained in a previous post that I was not fond of it originally.  But...after experimenting with it a bit, I began to like what I saw.  My daughter had the Spellbinders die at her home for a while, she had borrowed it from me earlier.  I asked for it back and with much love I created  this card and thought she would like it too.  I then put a very nice computer generated birthday verse inside for her.  It reads...

I hope she liked it .....and your Birthday was as
special as your are?

My eternal love....Mom

Blessings to all….Leanne

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