Sunday, June 30, 2013

Stampfest 2013 With Tim Holtz...

The past couple of years I've set off to attend the stamp show in Florida and again attended 'Stampfest 2013' in Orlando.  Orlando is a hustling bustling city and fun to visit.

This year they had a special guest star who most of you know.  TIM HOLTZ. Tim was the star at the show this year I was able to capture a short video to share with you.  You will notice it was extremely noisy while videoing him.  You will hear one admirer as she tells him "Tim Your Wonderful"!  I'm sure he was flattered as he smiled at the crowd and continued working.   I was not able to get any closer to him due to the large crowd.  I did talk with one other person at the show and she showed me his signature that he was kind enough to sign for her.

Video from Stampfest 2013 w/Tim demo-ing.

A few more pictures.

 It was a fun filled stamp show and as always, extremely happy that I was able to attend the show again this year.

P.S.  Be sure to view this weeks card below!!!!
Titled ..."Ol' Irish Blessing"!

Ol' Irish Blessing...

Hello blog friends...
I think so many of us are familiar with this Ol' Irish blessing. I love the way someone was so kind to post this blessing for download and personal use.  I fell in love with the printing format they used for this verse.  For the life of me I don't remember where I found it?  I think on Pinterest? If anyone knows... please let me know so I can give credit to them?
I also liked this background paper I found for free from Free Vintage Digital Downloads.

Thanks for stopping! 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Who's Anniversary....

Seems to me that Anniversary's come around my circle of family and friends so fast that I'm always in need of and Anniversary card.   I actually bought those cute little wedding cake stickers at Big Lots some time ago thinking it would look exceptionally nice on a Anniversary card.
 I topped the cake with two little hearts and added glitter glue for a prettier effect to the top. I also had this pretty lace stamp and used my white embossing powder from Sparkle N Sprinkle.  I was happy that the embossing powder matched the cakes color so well. I also loved backing the cake with the smallest die cut from my Spellbinders Decorative Labels Eight.
As always, I'm never pleased with trying to photograph white cards as it's hard to get a clear crisp picture photographing white.
I already have someone in mind to give this to for their Anniversary soon....

Monday, June 17, 2013

Embossed Pink Rose's...

Welcome back blog followers...happy to have you come by today!
I'm sure you will notice that I  repetitively reuse many of my supplies over and over again.  I wish I had the option of new supplies supplied to me  from companies to promote their supplies, but since I don't have the luxury of a company to design for I have to reuse my same items over and over.  So...I try to be creative in reusing my materials.

Here I've reused my pretty new frame from Spellbinders Decorative Labels Eight.  I enjoy this bordered frame.  It just gives cards an added touch to frame out a card.
I pulled out this Spellbinders Rose Embossing Folder, something I haven't used for a long while.  I then used this embossing folder to make some lovely roses to add to this card.  I cut them out to my desired look and then placed another rose with a pop dot to over lap my pre-existing roses on the bottom.  If you look closely you will notice a cute little bow and pearl I added here.  I then also added three green leaves to give it a different look in the layering process.
I personally love using lots of layers on my cards. This just happens to be my style of card making rather than a clean and simple style that so many others do.  I do love clean and simple cards but it seems that I get caught up in the moment with adding loads of layering rather than a simplistic style of a card.  Maybe I will put my mind to more creating of clean and simple cards in the future?
  Hope you have a great week and come back again soon? 
Hope this will encourage you with a comment before you leave?
Happy crafting!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Three Special Birthdays...

June has an extremely lengthy list of Birthday's and Anniversary's for me.  So I got busy creating and making several types of cards for birthday's, anniversary's and children's birthday cards for each person on my list for June.  Here are three birthday cards for this month.

I have three very special ladies this month with birthday's.  So I decided this year to send each of them all the same theme card with different colors.  I thought why not?  These cards looks so feminine and I know each of these ladies will quite possibly love the look as much as I?

I used K & Company dimensional stickers for the center of each card and coordinated the background color paper to coordinate nicely with the sticker color.  

I used one of my favorite die cuts from Marianne Design Die Cut for the corner and then a nice embossing folder to the other two sides to off set it. I layered the flower of each card with Spellbinders "Labels Eight"  and added another favorite die cut behind it.

I hoped each of you enjoyed dropping by today and not disappointed with todays creation?
Thanks for visiting crafters!  See you all again next week...

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sing Like No One's Listening...

First...I'd like to say hello personally to each of you and a sincere "Thank You" to my many "new blog follower's" who have joined my site this week. I'm delighted to have you all and love each of your comments you so graciously wrote to me!  Also... special and sincere hugs to Anne at Stamps and for sending them by my place. (Click on her name or blog to go to her place.)  I so appreciate all of you stopping by.  I hope you continue to stop in for inspiration weekly and say hello when you can.  Having you all stop helps make blogging worth while especially when you message me.  I so... love comments!  
Now...Some of my regular blog followers may notice a few subtle changes to my blog today.  I had trouble this week and had to tweak my blog settings to get back my print style and a few other problems that existed out of no where?  At least I was able to get it back to it's original "similar" style?
I think I inadvertently hit "Compose" in the design area and it tripped my original setting to disappear.  Working on Blogger settings is not my favorite things to do, because if you mess with one thing, it messes up another thing.  So at this point, I'm leaving it well enough alone.
Awhh, sigh, ?
We have one of the sweetest older women at church who just turned 80 this year. I enjoy her and wanted to help celebrate with a homemade card for her. So I made this and sent it to her for her birthday.  I think she was pleasantly surprised?

I took my Martha Stewart punch and made a few extra flowers and took my tiny maple leaf punch and attached them to the bottom lattice and to the top birds area for more interest. I used my brown Tom Bow pens and added brown dot centers to the flowers.  I love the lattice here and loved the way the flowers and leaves look attached to this area of the card.  It makes a huge difference to the lattice area, I think?

At 80 years old, I hope I can still sing like no one is listening?  I hope I still have all the pep and love that this special women holds.  Happy 80th Birthday Bobbie!  We love you!
Now...thanks for stopping by again today stampers!
I'm singing like no one is listening. 
I'd be over the moon with comments today from you.

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