Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tutorial On Homemade Pansies...

As I promised you here is the tutorial on my homemade pansies! 

I am most happy to share with you all, how I did this. I hope this tutorial will help you and inspire you  to try and make some of your own pansies? 

Use the Spellbinders "Rose Creations" die cuts for these pansies.  Take regular colored paper of your choice.  I used lavender here.  It does NOT have to be water color paper even though you will be using water color inks to color your flower.
Step One:
Run the size of your choice rose die cut through your Die Cut machine.  I used the 5th size die cut on the left side. 

Step Two:
I also cut an extra one (the smallest size) to make another pansy a size bit smaller when getting done with my first pansy. 
Step Three:
Take the flower and now cut three pieces off of the original rose die cut.  Leave a tiny portion of the center with the two petals.

Step Four:
I used a Tom Bow Water Color Ink Pen (light lavender color) and my bendable color brush pen that is filled with water to blend the ink with your Tombow Ink Pen.

Step Five:
Make a few lines like a pansy has on a real flower in the center with your Tom Bow ink pen.  Now take your blender pen and with only a slight bit of water brush some water over the lines and it will now pull color off the lines giving it the look of water color on your flower.  The trick is to not use too much water at all.  Go very sparling as you can add more water if need be.  Be sure to let it dry.  (see below).  You will notice your lines may have seemed to disappear after using the blending pen with water.  That's ok...because after your certain that your petal is dry you can add more lines with your lavender Tom Bow pen. Adding a few more lines over the ink makes it look more real like. 

Step Six:
Now after the ink is dry take some liquid glue and glue the two petals to the extra tab you left (hiding the extra center).  It should then look like the picture below. 

Step Seven:
Now take a glue dot and adhere it over the top of the center of two petals. By raising this piece up with a glue dot it gives it a dimensional  look.  Then take a yellow Tom Bow Marker and add a yellow center to it and add another black or brown dot to the center of the yellow dot.  All real pansies have a yellow center. 

Step Eight:

Your all done! 
Here is the finished product in my hand, this should help to give you a visual of how large it is in my hand.

Here is a picture of the my first project I shared with you in a previous post two weeks ago, of my pansies. I placed my new pansy next to my notecard envelope for to see how it looks next to the envelope, I made.  I hope this tutorial was beneficial and you will try it yourself? 
I would love hearing from you, if you try this?  Either leave a comment on my site or email me with a link to your blog with a picture of your flowered pansies or pansy on a card.  I would love to see what you've done. 
Happy stamping and crafting ladies!  I hope you return soon?

Monday, March 18, 2013

More Homemade Pansies...

Ok, so I really went into overdrive mode and made more of my homemade pansies to put onto this card. I am working to provide a tutorial on how I did these.  Hold on tight and I promise I will get this out to you in another post in the near future.  (I've been tied up with other personal responsibilites at the moment.)

I also recently purchased this new die cut from Joy Crafts #6002/0147 which seems to be ever so popular right now.  It's so pretty and I can see why so many fellow stampers are buying it up and displaying it on their cards. 

I added a second layer of my pretty little die cut from Spellbinders to put over the top of the Joy craft die cut.  I think it added more interest not only the pansies but to the card itself?
I added a few stickers that I had to frame it up nicely and added some pearls. I love the gingham checks background.  Let me know your thoughts girls...I  look forward to your comments... so why not leave a comment below.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Homemade Pansies With Note Cards

 Has anyone ever heard of Carol Wilson Embossed Note Cards?  Many years ago I had some beautiful note cards from this company and I absolutely loved them. The notecards I had from them were embossed with pretty purple pansies and a beautiful envelope to match.
Click here to see where my inspiration came from for these note cards, I made.  Certainly they are not near as pretty as her note cards but I love her work and decided to try and make something similar.
Take a closer look at the pretty little dimensional pansies. This was something I came up on my own using my Spellbinders Rose Creations Die Cuts.  Yes, the rose die cut.
I used the two smallest die cuts and cut them into three different sizes and glued them together to look like a pansies shape.  I then took my Tom Bow Pens and added some water color to the center and then used the other end of my pen to make the pansies lines on each of them and added a yellow center like most pansies have.

I made a set of three cards and three matching envelopes. 
I stamped my pansies  and leaves with my peg stamp set from Rubber Stamp Tapestry

As you take a closer look here you will notice I also added a large "real" pansy to the center of each card.  I happened to have real pansies that had been pressed and saved.  So I decided to add them to the center of each card for a more interesting look.

Take note that I also stamped my pansies on the left front of each envelope
and on the back flap as well.

I hope you enjoyed seeing this today?  Now...if I get enough requests and comments on a tutorial of how I did the flowers I will at a later time show you how I made them.  Just let me know?  You can leave a comment on my site or email me (right hand column) to let me know if your interested in a tutorial?

Thanks for stopping ladies and I hope to hear from you with any thoughts?

Monday, March 4, 2013

Flower Soft Flowers...

Today is the last of my homemade flowers with flower soft for you. 
Adding flower soft to the center of each of the flowers makes them feel or look so real like.
I love the effect it gives my flowers.
I added the Marianne design leaf die cut and tried building some interest around that?
This was a quick card.  Looks like some fussing went into place here but really not..
Thanks for stopping to peek!

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