Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Pine Leaves and Pine Cones

Christmas is almost here and I'm still scurrying around trying to get some more of my Christmas cards this season posted for you for another quick viewing.  
I recently went to a trunk stamp show near where I live and was able to find this pretty pine leaf stamp which very much reminded me of Stampin' Ups stamp set this is quite similar. So I grabbed the stamp and unfortunately I didn't see any pine cone stamp to coordinate with it.  However, I was in Jo Ann's Fabrics and did find this small pine-cone stamp there.  
I made this quick card just to see how they looked together?  I look a fine paint brush and used my white Acrylic paint to make dot's of snow flakes.  I used plain green ink to stamp the pine leaves and then took my Tom Bow pens of brown and darker green to color the leaves with more depth of color to them. I also added glue to the leafs and sprinkled white glitter onto the leaf that the lighting did not pick up. In real life it looks like snow is stuck to the leafs.   Lastly I shaded blue to the background.  I also put a pine leaf in the corner of the inside verse so that when you open the card  another leaf is there as well.  

Hope your almost ready for the most wonderful time of the year?  
Wishing you a few weeks early....
A Very Merry Christmas blessing to you and your family.....!

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