Sunday, June 26, 2011

If Friends Were Flowers...I'd Pick You!

"If Friends Were Flowers, I'd Pick You"! 

I wonder which dear friend of mine will eventually have this card sent to them from my flower garden of cards?  Usually when I create a card I don't always know who the recipient will be at that exact moment? Sometimes I do.  With this one....I just loved the challenge and wanted to get going.

 I saw this technique done on a blog site from Kitty Kraft.  I emailed her telling her how much I liked these Hydrangeas and would certainly give her ALL THE CREDIT DUE for her lovely Hydrangea flowers and her link to her directions for you all.  Hoping it will tickle your fancy too?

These flowers were made from a punch (that I purchased on line at and individually glued together each little pedal to eventually look like Hydrangeas following Kitty's great directions.  It was a bit time consuming, but well worth the effort to achieve this beautiful look.  Don't you think?

I also saw directions of how to make a square or rectangle boarder done with a straight punch and no corner punch for the corners from Becca Feekan at Amazing Paper Grace.  You can also find  her directions to do this on this link provided to you.  I gave it a shot and it worked!!!!  Yea, thanks to Becca.  It seems I rarely use my eyelet boarder punch from Martha Stewart and thought, good...let's get a little use out of this punch for a change.

I enjoy trying new things. buying the punch for the Hydrangeas and learning to make a rectangle border for this card was a double challenge.  I think it turned out well?  I was pleased with the effect. I added two Hydrangea cut outs in both corners from K & Company to add to my card.   I tried making a few changes of my own to my card to give it a bit different look than Kittly's card.


Here are top and bottom of both Hydrangeas for you to see close up.


Now...I hope this gave you new insight to learning some new ideas, as I had.  So why not start today and get going and see what you come up with for your stamping and crafting pleasure.  Paper wishes and blessings to all my stamper friends.  Thanks for joining me!

Blessings to all….Leanne

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Try At Dementional Pansies...

Hello.... stamper friends.  Hope you've been enjoying stopping by and visiting my work?  I still ask you not to be shy and let me know if there is something here to inspire your creativity along your path?  I know I draw inspiration from other fellow stampers websites. 

This particular card idea inspired  me when looking at another blog from stamper Mama Dini's Stamperina.  (Her link here will help you see a visual.)   Dini explained that she  purchased a pretty flowered dimensional die cut sheet that you would partly cut out the flowers and then turn the paper over and use a soft surface and then take your stylus pen to the back of your sheet of paper and press into a mouse pad or soft surface while using a circular motion to pull it toward the center of the flower thus, giving it dimension when you view it from the original side or  flowered printed side .   

I really liked that look.  However, not knowing where to purchase the dimensional die cut....I had a light bulb moment and thought....I may be able to make my own flower design with my stamp set from  Rubber Stamp Tapestry  called  Violet Border SFL 34020.  I then got creative and stamped the flowers into a pattern I liked and then took my Exacto knife and cut the Pansy's only partly (as Dini's directions explained) and tried to make them appear dimensional with my stylus pen.  Decorating the rest of the card just came natural.  The raised effect is there however, in my picture it is a bit hard to see.  Truly sorry....

I was quite happy with the way it turned out and didn't have to spend any money on any supplies or die cuts.  YEA!!!  Another happy moment not spending any money for my project. 

As always....I'm happy to have you stop by.  Tell all your friends to pay me a visit and I look forward to another visit with you next week.  Till next week.....HAPPY STAMPING!!!

Blessings to all….Leanne

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Nest of Refuge...

Very dear friends of ours recently bought another new home.  I always try to send a greeting card to anyone who we know that have the opportunity to change homes. Mike and Meg! We hope you have many happy and new memories in your new place?

I recently bought these beautiful dimensional hydrangea cut outs from K&Company.  Hydrangea flowers are one of my most favorite of flowers along with Tulips & Iris's.  I found hydrangea paper also from K & Company to match the hydrangea and used it for my background.  However the card is a 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 size and being so small you can barely see the beautiful blue hydrangea's inback round. 

I also found the cute little bird picture on the The Graphics Fairy website with free printable downloads. I love taking advantage of such beautiful pictures. Sometimes I think it's nicer than using a stamp and coloring it. I cut the birds with my oval Spellbinders die to fit this card and layered it with blue complementing printed paper that is on the other side of the hdrangea paper from K & Company. I again used the beautiful lace on this card, that I think is so pretty.

Here is a computer generated verse that I put inside. This card is simple but sweet. Hope you like it?

So it's off to doing another project so...hope your week goes well and hope you'll be back soon to spend time here again? 

Blessings to all….Leanne

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Spellbinders Impressabilites Folder

Where in the world do the weeks go?  Seems like it was just a few days ago that I was sharing a different card with you all.  This week really flew and I realized it was time to post another picture for you to view.

I decided to once again use my Martha Stewart lovely boarder stamp making it a top and bottom boarder only for this card.  I originally had the blue and white background that I did  sometime ago using my Spellbinders Impressabilities called "Butterfly" folder.    I again, sponged my blue chalk ink and dobbors over plain white card stock with the Impressabilites folder to make the pretty blue and white background. 

I had recently purchased pretty white speckled die cuts and adhered them to the background.  (Sorry, that my camera does not really pick up the speckled effect for you.) well as the cute little ribbon rhinestone buckle for the white ribbon that was used.  I then used my Stampin Up' little Embosslits called "Beautiful Wings" while using white speckled paper that I had and adhered it to the middle of my card.  I also used several silver rhinestones to embellish my card.   

I thought you might like to see the computer birthday verse I chose for the inside of the card that I did on my computer before cutting my  paper to size .  I generally always put some sort of computer verse for the occasion inside each of my cards.  I think it helps to make the card look and feel a bit more personal as well as professional looking when the person reads my cards.  Just my own personal preference. 

 I was delighted to send this card to my favorite Aunt who is celebrating her birthday this July.  She loves the color blue and thought she would like this one?  Happy Birthday Aunt Rosemary.... (I won't give your age). LOL!  I'm sure you'll have many more happy birthday's to celebrate.......hugs, blessings, and love always.... Leanne!

Happy stamping everyone and have a wonderful week!

Blessings to all….Leanne

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