Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year....With A New Look!


First I'd like to wish each of you a happy and prosperous New Year along with God's richest blessing in the New Year.

As the New Year begins...I decided I'd like to begin this year with
a new look on my blog.  So here it is!
As we all try to take on New Year's resolutions, I decided on a New Year's resolution of my own to try to give my blog a new look for the New Year.   It's been fun learning and discovering how to present a new look on my blog. I enjoy personal challenges sometimes.  So here you have it!  I hope you like it?

When I first began my stamping blog last March I didn't know anything of how a blog worked?  So, I began to read and began playing with Blogger.Com to see if I could learn how to do one of my own.  As I got started, it began to take shape and I learned gradually how the template works and decided to post it out there for others to view my work since I so enjoy viewing and reading other blogs out there.   It's been almost a year already of learning and growing on my site.   You may have noticed small subtle changes earlier this year and more to come along the way? 

So enough about's on to my next card for the New Year. I have a bit of humor to share with you about this card.   I made this Anniversary card for some dear friends of ours who live in Dallas, Texas. I sent it to them and they really loved it.  The funny thing is, I missed the correct date of their Anniversary by about a month and sent it to them on the wrong date unknowingly. 

After I sent the card in the mail something told me...."I don't think that was the correct date"?  My mind began to ponder? Was I sending this on the wrong date? I rechecked my calandar and YEP...I was wrong.  How their Anniversary date got written in my date book incorrectly, I'll NEVER KNOW?  Dave and Ann knew my intentions were well intended and laughed it off when they received it, but especially loved the card anyways.  (I bet I won't be making that error again next year?)

We ALL did manage to get a HUGE chuckle out of it anyway.  LOL!!!~@*#.....

Just a little bit about this card. I used my Martha Stewart Hydrangea punch to make little flowers and adhered them to the front of the stamped flowers. I think that the small flowers give this stamp a bit more interest to it.  I won't go on about all the little details to bore you.  I'm sure you can figure out most of the details yourself? 

Now...I love comments!
So... for "YOUR" New Year's resolution....
I'm challenging you!

I'm challenging each of you into leaving me more comments
through out the year so that I know you've been on my site or
following my site regularly?

I'd truly do appreciate it if you're finding my cards and projects an inspiration? 
So, please don't be shy! 
Let me know what you like or dislike on each of my
postings for all of 2012 and/or if  I can improve
on anything I post for you?

So...for this year....remember....
and I hope to see more comments from 
YOU ALL in 2012.
Happy New Year!
& each of you
from Leanne in '2012'


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Two More Small Crafting Ideas for Christmas...

 Happy New Year Wishes!
I bet the hustle and bustle and Christmas pace at your place has finally came to a crawl?  The wrapping paper has been cleaned up and the decedent dinners enjoyed, the laughter and joy with family and friends are now pleasant memories etched in your mind. 

It really doesn't matter what gift you may have received but more significantly sharing the love with family and friends during the Christmas season makes it so much more a joyful and meaningful event. I've had a most pleasant Christmas with my whole family and enjoying quality time with my darling grandson, and meeting my niece's two beautiful baby TWIN girls for the first time.  Audrey and Cameryn.  What a blessing.

Here I have just one more quick post this Christmas week that I wanted to
share before the New Year arrives.  

I took a few little tea lights that I had and used different colored ink by dabbing it on my dobbers and then onto the candle's raised flower, already on the tea lights.  I then took my Crystal colored Ranger Stickles and applied it on top of each flower.  This just added enough sparkle and bling to catch the eye. I then used lace and wrapped it around each of the metal liners.  I have clear box's 3" x 3" x 1-1/4" box's that I purchased at a craft show this past year.  I wrapped the candles in pretty tool netting, making a small bow on top and adding a few flowers, a large snowflake (with crystal colored Ranger Stickles added to the snowflake), a  large leaf and large Christmas pearls. Lastly I added the little tag, stamped with Christmas Holly's to add a touch of a Christmas's feel to the box.
This makes another one of those quick and easy gifts.

Here you can see how it looked from the side.

And also a picture of my own Christmas money holder I made to give money
to my children this Christmas.  Who doesn't like $$$$????  The snowflake also had Ranger Crystal colored Stickles applied to them for more glitz which is not showing in the picture.  Seems no matter how hard I try to catch the glitz in my pictures it just doesn't happen.

Please do keep these two small ideas in mind for next Christmas, they may come in handy for you?

May all your days be Merry and Bright. 
May your New Year's be filled with bountiful blessings....

Happy New Year!
from Leanne & Family.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from British Columbia, Canada

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas today.
 Hoping your day is filled with fun and laughter.

I just had to share this picture real quick.  My son recently went to British Columbia Canada for his job, last week.  He loves to ski and took pictures while skiing in Kelowna, B.C. on his free time.   When he showed me his pictures today, this one really stood out.  I told him my Christmas card I just posted looked almost like the picture he took.  A bit of a coincidence?

Here is my son.
I usually don't post personal photos however, the scenery in B.C. is just

Hope your having a beautiful day today and blessed Christmas....

Blessings... from Leanne & family!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Seasons Greetings...


Welcome back stampers.  One more quick Christmas card for you. If your looking for more Merry Christmas card ideas to help you stamp in the Christmas spirit, I think you've most likely found it here. I've been posting quite a few new Christmas ideas for your enjoyment in the past couple weeks. 

This card  is something I just began to fool around with to see if I couldn't make a double frame since I don't have one large set and one small square die set from Spellbiners that you use to make a frame effect with.  I cheated a little to do this.  

To do this I cut out my largest die cut from my Spellbinders die package and using winter white paper with my Big Kick . 

Anyways...I then took the second largest die cut from the same package.   I traced the INSIDE of the  second die cut onto the green paper. 

I then took my paper cutter and cut only on the lines I traced on my green paper to form a perfect square.  I then put it behind my white paper and there you have a second frame, to frame it out nicely.  I think that's a way of cheating without having to purchase two sized die cut squares like others do on their blog sites. 

Then, I took some light blue ink and used my ink dobber and formed blue clouds on top of my card stock that I used for the back round picture.  I then used my cute little rubber stamp from Inkado with the Evergreen Tree stamp trying to stamp the trees to appear as if they were scattered in the woods.  I then took white Pearl Ex Metallic paint with a teeny, tiny paint brush and painted white on the tips of the trees to look like snow.  I then used my glue pen on the tips of the trees (after the paint was dry) and used a very fine sparkling glitter to the tips. I also did it for the white snow below the trees.  If you look carefully at the picture you can just barely see the glittery tips.  Seems like no matter how hard I try to photograph the glitter it just won't show up?  As the light hits the trees just right you see the metallic white on the evergreen trees and glitter. It looks so very pretty!

Here is a close up picture to help you see better.

I added the trees to the left side of the frame and some pine needles with my Martha Stewart punch and stamped a few little holly leaves on each corner and added my greeting "Seasons Greeting" to the top of my frame and added few pearls to the top and bottom. I also used dark green paper on the last layer and popped up the white and green frames with my foam adhesive squares.  

I preferred to do this card in a all green monochromatic color scheme and just a hint of blue in the clouds. 

I had the pleasure of giving this card to a new friend Jackie who has been a tremendous help to me, while caring for my elderly dad.  I also had one of my little gifts on hand to give to her along with this card.  It was not one of the candles but something else.  Giving this time of the year is such a pleasure.  Jackie was kind enough to email me a picture of the card and gift I gave here and to show me how she is enjoying it and displaying it in her office for the holidays.  Glad you liked it. Thanks.... Jackie for your dedication and help regarding my father. 

That's it for now.... So till next time, it's a time of sharing, giving and a time
of believing. Hoping your heart and home are filled with love this season as we wish you a wonderful holiday celebration filled with smiles and peace.

Let us rejoice
in the miracle...
Let us open our hearts
in HIS love!

Have a Blessed Christmas...
from Leanne and family!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Christmas Bag Filled With Love...

It's always a pleasure for me to be able to give a small gift to someone at Christmas or when I go to their house for a visit, or when my sweet dear neighbor Beverly brings me a plate full of her homemade cookies to share with us, each year.  I try to have something small in reserve to share with them.  This is one of those gifts. I bag it with love. 
I know that most of your probably already know how to do this.  For those who may not,  I'll briefly explain the procedure for you.   It's so very simple.... 
Find a candle to your choice and desired size.  A white candle color seems to work best.  Take a piece of tissue paper and with your ink and stamp of your choice, stamp it on the tissue. 
(Here I found that by using a plastic carousel and putting your candle on it with wax paper helps to distribute your embossing gun heat more evenly when you begin to heat the paper to the candle.)
Cut a small portion of the tissue paper out where you just stamped and colored it.  Then take your candle and place the tissue on the candle.  You may want to use a very tiny bit of snail tape to the candle to help hold the tissue in that spot.  You then take your embossing gun and begin to heat the tissue onto the candle.  You will see it begin to adhere to the candle from the heat.    Most importantly remember..... You have to work fast with your gun.  As holding it in one place to long will begin to melt your candle and form drips.  If that happens it ruins your candle. 
Turn the carousel slightly in a circular motion, as you see the tissue begin to melt into your candle.  If all the paper did not seem to melt into the candle you can go over it again  with your heat gun quickly until you see it melting. 
I hope these directions gave you a better picture of what to expect and that you have fun decorating a candle, to give to your friends.  I know I did.  Here a little close up of how my blue candle turned out after a little embellishing on it with pearl and glitter.  I used a little glue and watered it down and with a fine paint brush I put it on the snowflakes and added some fine glitter to it and then brushed it off lightly.  Sorry, the glitter is not showing my in pictures.

When I finished decorating my candle with a few more embellishments I took a plastic bag that is used for candy wrapping from Michael's Art's and Crafts store and used it to wrap my candle and put ribbon and a cute Christmas label I made and attached it to the ribbon.  Now my gifts are ready for giving.  I hope my friends or family enjoy the labor I put into it for them?  Making my own Christmas cards and a little gift for giving, gives back the original idea from many years ago.  Years ago people made their own gifts to give to others.  No store shopping or mall shopping in those earlier century's. 

Another peek of how they looked all finished before bagging and
wrapping them up to give away. 

Hope you got the idea and will want to give it a try also?

May the peace and beauty of the season

be yours throughout the year.

Christmas Blessings to all!

From Leanne and family.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Merry Christmas Greetings to Everyone...

As the Holiday Season begins to kick into high gear It's also time to
 send out those Merry Christmas wishes to our special family and friends.


This year I chose to use all white card stock with my Cuttlebug snowflake embossing folder while adding a bit of sparkle to it.  I generally begin working on my cards in June and work on them any time I have a few minutes and when I feel inspired.  This way I don't feel so rushed when November arrives and want to get my cards mailed out right after Thanksgiving.

Here are a few tidbits as to how this card began.  The snowflake background is embossed with glitter embossing powder. I took my Versa Mark pad and turned it upside down to put Versa mark all over on the top of the snowflakes.  Then sprinkled my Ranger Embossing Tinsel (called Bridal) all over it and heated it with my embossing gun.  It really left an nice glittery effect when done. (Not showing up to well on the picture).  Doing so helps each snowflake look like it's glistening.  I left the bottom greeting part of each card plain white and embossed "Holiday Greetings" with my stamp from Stampin-Up in silver embossing powder for my greeting. 

I then used my Martha Stewart small snowflake punch and punched a small snowflake hole to the right bottom side of the card.  After stamping a snowflake hole to the right bottom side, I attached a white metal snowflake brad that I purchased last year at another stamp show and placed one inside of each card so that when opened it would seem be floating there below the verse with my husband and my signature. 

I also punched out one large snowflake and one small snowflake to attach to the front left top corner.  I also used my Crystal color Ranger Stickles and colored my snowflakes to sparkle like my card front.  The bottom was cut with a Stampin-Up punch to give it a slight scalloped edge.

The inside of each card reads... 

I always put a verse inside of each of my cards.  I computer generated a verse with a program that I have in my computer.  I tailor each verse to what the occasion is for.  I think it helps make the card your sending a bit more personal for that special someone.

This is my bling-bling for the Christmas holidays.

This card is quite simple.  Since I have to make approximately 30 cards each year I have to come up with a simple Christmas card idea each year.  I try to avoid a using a bow on my card at Christms so I'm not charged extra postage from the Post Office.

Let the shopping start, the Christmas Carols be sung,
the lights twinkle, the egg nog flow, the parties commence,
 and the gifts be given.

Most importantly... enjoy your Holidays and may
God give you the spirit of his love at
Christmas and HIS joy and peace in your heart. 
"Jesus it the reason for the Season"

Merry CHRISTmas blessings.....
from Leanne and my whole family!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Masculine Birthday Card...It's A Man's World...

Fly Fishing!!!!  Now that's a man's world isn't it? 

I finally got around to posting a masculine mans card for you. I know I've had a lot of feminine cards on my site but decided it was time to share something more masculine.   My brother lives to fish and travels around the world fly fishing and sometimes teaching his favorite sport when he can.  He sent this picture to me a long time ago and I decided to take it and use it for his Birthday card. (I made a copy on my scanner, and  shrunk the size down  down to print and saved the original.).   I think he will feel a great sentiment to this card when he receives it.  It will bring back fond memories of where he was at that time fishing with his buddies and that I used it for his Birthday card years later. 

The bird feather attached was actually lying on my driveway.  I found it lying there one day and I said to myself..."I can use this on a card for an embellishment".   The leaf is also from my yard.  It's fun to pick up natural things and use them on your cards when ever possible? 

As you look closer you will see more of what I did to this card.

I also had some needle point material.  I frayed the edges and used it for the back ground of the picture.  I ripped an old page from a book and embossed it with my Cuttlebug embossing folder called "Script".  I then lightly colored the script with brown ink.  The script writing helps add depth and a more masculine feel. I used a black button and tied a bow through it with white twine. Then added some pine branches with my Martha Stewart punch.  And made my own homemade photo corners on two corners only.  I used black Stazon for the Happy Birthday stamp.  Also I added two masculine brads to the top right corner. 

Next time your thinking of a mans card and run out of ideas.  Come on back to my blog and check this out again for inspiration.  Hope you like it?  Hope you all have a good week?

Blessings to all…

Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Is In The Air....

Ok,Ok, Christmas is in the air. I've been trying to get through Thanksgiving first.   I know I've been a bit slower than other stamper friends out there while sharing their Christmas cards already on their sites.  So today I finally have this to share with you for the upcoming holidays.  I do have a special person in mind for this one.  Can't name names, in case (she's) watching?  LOL!

Each year I make about 30 identical Christmas cards to send to friends and family.  This is not one of them.  I usually start my Christmas cards early in the year about June.  I work on them slowly so I don't feel rushed when the holidays appear so quickly.  Soon I will be posting the cards I made for my family and friends to share with  you.  I usually send out my personal Christmas cards right after Thanksgiving (so not to spoil it for those friends that peek on my blog).   I will post it right after they have been sent out.  

Just so you know... I truly believe Thanksgiving is much more important a holiday to me, personally.  Thanksgiving is a time of reflection of our great blessings that God has given to us. 

"Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name."
Psalms 100:4

So putting away Thanksgiving next week Christmas seems to come faster and faster each year.  Doesn't it???  I've already heard my first Christmas Carols while shopping in the stores and decorations have already been hung in certain places I see around town. 
So I guess I'm really not to early for this?    Until then...have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Blessings To All…
from Leanne

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tracing On Vellum...

Here's what I would like to share with you today....  A few directions on tracing on Vellum paper. I felt it was time to show you pictures and directions and how to do this.  Sometimes words without pictures make it hard to understand.  So today I wanted to try to show you with pictures.
I used a dark black background so you could see the white ink on white vellum paper on camera.
I took  Stampin-Up' Whisper White pigment ink and stamped my image on white vellum paper.  Notice,  I turned the stamp sideways so that it would look centered rather than square on the vellum paper.  I took my heat embossing gun and carefully blew it dry to help the ink set faster before going on.  Be careful when using your embossing gun to help dry the ink, do not to leave it on one area to long, as it will burn your paper.  Pigment ink takes longer to dry so this helps the process go faster.

 I then took my vellum paper after stamping it and drying it, and  turned it over to the other side.  Now find a soft surface such as a mouse pad or piece of soft foam and on the reverse side I used my Fiskars Embossing Tool and traced exactly on the white line that was stamped.  Be sure not to press to hard to puncture the vellum paper.  First try it lightly, then heavier if needed.  I used a very thick round edge on my Fiskars Embossing Tool so that when pressing I would not go through the paper.  (My Fiskars embossing pens/tools have four different sized heads to choose from.)

Now when your done tracing, turn it over to the originally stamped side, the white ink will look allot darker and raised up. Unfortunately the picture is unable to show that it is actually raised  slightly.

I then took light pink paper and placed it beneath the stamp and then took my Spellbinders Nestabilties die cut (Labels Ten) and cut them both same shape. Putting colored paper beneath the vellum really makes the stamp show up nicer and help add more dimension to the card.

Hope these directions helped you and you'll want to give it a try for yourself? 

This is the final product and all the embellishments I used for the card. 

A close up shot for you to see how much darker and thicker the white looks. 

Happy Stamping…and Blessings
to each of you today!

From Leanne

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Soft and Feathery....

Today I have used my Spellbinders Rose Blossoms die cut (once again) to make another pretty card for you. 

 I love those roses die cuts!  I colored it in with my chalk dobbers and used turquoise chalk ink for the roses and green chalk for the leafs.  I don't ever really recall seeing blue/turquoise roses, however, I guess we can't always make our work true to life in colors when crafting? I just like turquoise and green combination together.

I seem to get allot of use out of my Stampin-Up' "Eu Francis" stamp and embossed the lettering for the back ground with a light green Sage embossing powder from Sprinkle N Sparkle.  Unfortunately you are not able to see the raised embossed lettering in my picture or true color Sage green.   

I recently purchased pretty white bird feathers and decided that this might just be the touch it needed to the front.  I think it adds a touch of softness to this card.  I also added some real lace to the bottom above the punched lace and added pearls and 3 little butterflies.  Then adding roses with glitter to each side as the final touch.  

I think this card turned out soft and pretty?
Hope it tickles your fancy?

Have a great day friends....

Blessings to all….Leanne

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Couple More Pillow Box's

OK....I know I promised you a look at more of my pillow box's in my last post.  So here they are.  I won't make you wait any longer. I really love glamming up these box's. 

Since Christmas is just around the corner.... I think my daughter may need a few more little gifts at Christmas to give to her neighbors so, I thought I'd help her out with these.   Last year I made something else for my daughter to give to her neighbors.   It was a hit!!!  I'm hoping these will be a hit also?  I think these Pillow Box's make a stunning little gift?  I enjoy making these little gifts and my daughter is a busy Mom.   So, I have the time to devote to it and she doesn't.   This is one small way of helping her out.

AND...if your wondering what's inside this time....we'll it's not candy.  Actually, I was able to fill them with FREE shampoo, conditioner and  bath soap that you are so graciously given at hotels for your convenience. 

 You really can't fill these Pillow Box's with anything to large so, I decided to use my freebies for this project since they are such small samples they give you at hotels.  I took my freebies and covered them with 2" X 4" Avery labels and used my Stampin-Up' roller again in a pretty Vintage print and violet color to match my blue pillow box's.   I printed out a template (on my computer) from a free website to download a Pillow Box Template and cut it out free hand. (I enlarged them a tiny bit myself and tweaked the template to make a larger box than the original template).  This made it easier to be able to fit all the freebies inside the box.

Now...this picture gives you a look at how the shampoo, conditioner, and bath bar look with the Avery Labels Vintage design I stamped and adhered to them,  before filling my box's.  

 Now here is another peek at ANOTHER - Pillow Box I made with a similar look to the Pillow Box (at the top of the page) and another look to see how similar and different it can look.

I hope these box's and picture's have inspired your paper crafting ideas and creativity today?  If so, let me know?  Comments are always welcome! 
Especially... if you have any helpful hints to offer?  I'd love to hear about them.

Until next week ... please have a wonderful week.
Paper hugs and blessings to all.  From Leanne!!!

Happy Stamping Ladies…

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pillow Box's and Candy Gift Box

Welcome back stampers!!!  I have a couple project to share with you today. Not only do I enjoy making greeting cards but I also enjoy other paper crafting projects with my supplies. 

Recently my husband and I went on a trip out of state to attend my niece's wedding to our home state.  We had a wonderful time and the wedding was beautiful.  Many Congratulations... to Alexa and Alan. Your Wedding was memorable  and I was honored to share in your special day.  To see their Wedding card I made for them, click on this link and go to: I Hear Wedding Bell's.

Knowing I'd be seeing and visiting with many of my wonderful friends during the week before the wedding, I wanted a little something to give each person as I greeted and visited them.  So, I made these cute little "Pillow Box's" and filled them with Hershey Nuggets and wrapped the candy with standard Avery Mailing Labels and used my Stampin Up' Rolling Stamp to make a pretty design on the labels and also to the front of each Pillow Box.  I also color coordinated each the of candy wrappers to match the box color. (I only showed 3 candies to give you an idea of how the wrapped candies looked.)   I wrapped wedding netting around each box and made a bow with it. The netting helped add a nice soft touch, and I added a few more elements to bling it up. I think each person was pleasantly surprised with the cute little box's?

I also took time to visit with a special friend on our trip and it was her birthday this month, so... I made her a beautiful card (posted below/Heat Embossing on Vellum Card) and gave her this cute box  filled with candy that I made. (I made this same box previously in Feb also) and gave it to another friend. It's to pretty not to make and give to several friends. 

Before giving the boxed candy to my girlfriend I wrapped the box in a cellophane bag  and added a bow with ribbon. Wrapping it in a cello bag and adding a bow really makes it feel and look special.  (Not shown here). You can see how this box was made if you visit my blog at: Candy Anyone?  I think this makes an exceptional gift for anyone?

That's all for now ladies.  Hope you liked my projects?  I do have some more pillow box's that I have made this week and will post them for viewing later on.  They are quite pretty and want to show them off soon.   So....STAY TUNED for more.

Blessings to all….Leanne

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Heat Embossing on Vellum...

Here we are together again and I hope your enjoying stopping by my place each week?  I know many of you stop by but are hesitant to leave me a message. stamper to another loves comments.  So don't be shy.  I'm looking forward to hearing from you.  Let's have your thoughts on this one?

It is my dearest girlfriends birthday in Oct and I wanted her to have this card because I think it turned out superb.  Plus, I know purple is one of her favorite colors.  I was able to hand deliver this to her and she was estaic with pleasure as to how pretty this was.  Happy Birthday blessings to my dear friend Lena.  Hope your special day is as special as your friendship has been to me through the many years?

I'll try to keep this sweet and short today.  Lets talk about heat embossing on Vellum  and how tricky it can be.   For those of you who may not do heat embossing much, always remember that while using the heat gun on vellum paper you must move the heat gun around your paper allot so that it will not burn one particular spot, because leaving the gun in one area for to long definalty will burn the paper.  I know it's happened to me when I first started trying to heat emboss on velum. 

 I love the way the white embossing powder looks on the vellum paper. I chose a flourishes stamp I had amongst my collection and used my white embossing powder on the vellum paper. I think white on white always looks so stunning. The pretty butterfly is colored slightly with Pearl Ex water colors in the center with a pretty lavender color to match the card.  I then added a few flourishes made with iridescent white chip board.   Then adding some pretty lace and lavender rhinestones along with a flowered deep purple rose with leaves.   And lastly a cute little white boarder to help finish it off.

Hoping your day or week is going well?  May God continue to surround you with his love and keep each of you safe in the palm of his hand....

Blessings to all….Leanne

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Swirls...And Butterflies...

For the third time in a row I have shown you another card with my Marriane Designs Folder. I've been having a good time with the new folder from Marianne Design called Swirls DS0907. I got carried away here with the little glittered swirls I had on hand and added embossed roses that were colored with my chalk inks.  I took the Marianne folder and after embossing and cutting it I used my Spellbinders Nestabilities Die called Labels Twenty and cut the bottom half to form a nice scalloped edge to it.  Adding and cutting two other layers of scalloped edges with the Spellbinders Labels Twenty helped this card to look quite interesting.  Adding pearls, lace and three little butterflies from vellum  added a soft effect.  Again, no room on this card for any bow? 

This picture does not show the glimmer and glitter of the precut swirls I added
to this card.  But, I wanted to give you another look from another angle and
different lighting  even thought the glitter does not show up here.

Until next time have fun stamping. And I hope you have a sunny week?

Blessings to all.... &
Happy Stamping…from Leanne

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Get Well Soon...

Here we go again with my Marianne Design Embossing Folder. I really like this folder and this time I decided to cut it out free hand and use it instead of making it all one size like my past card below "Happy Anniversary" with this embossing folder. Again, here is the name of this folder for you. 
Marianne Design Designables Punch & Emboss - Swirls DS0907

I used my stamp called En Francis from Stampin -Up again. Sorry to be so repetative with this particular stamp but this stamp rocks. I get a lot of use out of it. I took several colors of ink and colored the background with greens, blues, purple and browns.  The lettering was embossed with silver ink.  Adding those colors on top of it added and nice color effect.  It really softend the look to accomidate the pretty Iris from K & Co.   I then added a blue Dragon Fly and applied irradecent Stickles to it for a glittery effect and added the bow. Prehaps you've notice I rarely use bows on my cards. It seems that when I get finished adding my emblilshments I don't seem to have room for a large bow.  Today this bow fits this card really fine.

I think if I was under the weather I would feel better the minute I received a pretty
little card like this? How about you?

Blessings to all….Leanne

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Anniversary...

Back in June I was able to attend another Stamp show.  This was  my third stamp show for me this year.  I really enjoy going to them.  You can see so many new products and I enjoy walking around and seeing each particular booth and the demo's going on with the new products being offered.  I'm addicted!  So glad my husband is so supportive of my paper crafting and the $$$$ I spend while there.  LOL!!!

At this last show I purchased this lovely embossing folder from Marianne Design Co. from a booth there.  This particular folder embosses and cuts both at the same time.   I had seen this particular folder on a few websites and decided it was on my wish list.  So....I couldn't resist purchasing it right then and there as soon as I spotted it.  I told my self this is a must have to my collection of stamping products.

I decided to use the new folder to help make this card for an Anniversary and I decided to use a green background for a change.  Since it will be sent to a couple, (the gentleman) may like green rather than pink or purple that I'm usually so drawn to.  This card does look quite feminine.  I hope the gentleman can handle this soft and pretty anniversary card when receiving it for their special day?   I had some stick pins and thought this would add a different touch to this card for a change, as well as the little stamped Dragon Fly.   Hope this pretty card inspired  you to get stamping and creating?

So until next time....STAMP AWAY stamper friends!!!!

Happy Stamping…
Blessings to all....Leanne

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy Birthday To My Daughter...


Having a daughter is a special gift to a Mom.  The day my daughter  was born was one of the happiest days of my life.  The constant joy she has given me through the years is endless.  Thanks for the many happy memories .... enjoy your day....and may God continue to bless you and keep you.

This is the special card I want to share with you all that I made for my daughter.  I mentioned in a previous post that I had another card for you that I made with this particular die from Spellbinders but...was giving it to a family member for their Birthday and you would have to wait to see it until their Birthday was here. it is and hope you like it as well?   

I had this Spellbinders die and as I explained in a previous post that I was not fond of it originally.  But...after experimenting with it a bit, I began to like what I saw.  My daughter had the Spellbinders die at her home for a while, she had borrowed it from me earlier.  I asked for it back and with much love I created  this card and thought she would like it too.  I then put a very nice computer generated birthday verse inside for her.  It reads...

I hope she liked it .....and your Birthday was as
special as your are?

My eternal love....Mom

Blessings to all….Leanne

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