Sunday, November 24, 2013

Celebrate - Thank You - Friendship...

Today I share with you a group of cards I made to give as a gift set.  Firstly...I'd like to ad that I am not pleased with my photography as each picture shows a little different coloring.  But in real time the coloring is soft and all the same.
Each card I picked a verse to coordinate with the titled stamp I used.
What could be nicer than a homemade gift to give someone for the holiday season.
I plan on making a nice envelope that will hold each of them with an envelope to also coordinate with these peg stamps.

I plan on giving this set of cards away this Christmas season for a nice little hostess gift.

If your wondering what stamp set these pretty little flowers are from, it's from "Rubber Stamp Tapestry" and it's called Violet Boarder SFL34020.  Just click on the link to go directly to the website.

It takes a bit of patients using these peg stamps.  In order to get the hang of how to hold them and stamp them to your satisfaction, it's best to practice first..  Practice makes perfect. I was certain to practice first in order to come up with a nice pattern for the cards.

It was a pleasure having you stop by today and I thank my faithful followers who are so gracious to leave such sweet comments each week on my work.  It's always appreciated and wish more of you out there would also be free with comments to my blog because I love everyone's feedback.  Nothing could be sweeter than hearing from you.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Speedy Recovery...

 Good Day Ladies! 
So happy you've decided to stop by my place today and join me here.  It's always a pleasure!    I thank all my loyal followers who are so nice to share your time with me and leave me sweet comments each week.  It always brightens my day.
However, I'd love to gain some more comments from those of you who are to shy to leave a comment?  Why not join in?
Why is it that butterflies always seem to add such pretty texture and femininity to a card.  I enjoyed stamping these pretty butterflies in different directions and adding a lace style butterfly to the top of several of the butterflies while giving them a bit more demention and interest.
I cut around the outside of each butterfly to add interest rather than having them go up the card in a straight line.

I sent this card onto a dear and long time girlfriend who had eye surgery and was recovering nicely.  She told me it brightened her day.  As I've said before, sending sunshine and well wishes to others is my passion.

I was hopeful that she would know that I was thinking of her when she received this card?

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