Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Christmas Bag Filled With Love...

It's always a pleasure for me to be able to give a small gift to someone at Christmas or when I go to their house for a visit, or when my sweet dear neighbor Beverly brings me a plate full of her homemade cookies to share with us, each year.  I try to have something small in reserve to share with them.  This is one of those gifts. I bag it with love. 
I know that most of your probably already know how to do this.  For those who may not,  I'll briefly explain the procedure for you.   It's so very simple.... 
Find a candle to your choice and desired size.  A white candle color seems to work best.  Take a piece of tissue paper and with your ink and stamp of your choice, stamp it on the tissue. 
(Here I found that by using a plastic carousel and putting your candle on it with wax paper helps to distribute your embossing gun heat more evenly when you begin to heat the paper to the candle.)
Cut a small portion of the tissue paper out where you just stamped and colored it.  Then take your candle and place the tissue on the candle.  You may want to use a very tiny bit of snail tape to the candle to help hold the tissue in that spot.  You then take your embossing gun and begin to heat the tissue onto the candle.  You will see it begin to adhere to the candle from the heat.    Most importantly remember..... You have to work fast with your gun.  As holding it in one place to long will begin to melt your candle and form drips.  If that happens it ruins your candle. 
Turn the carousel slightly in a circular motion, as you see the tissue begin to melt into your candle.  If all the paper did not seem to melt into the candle you can go over it again  with your heat gun quickly until you see it melting. 
I hope these directions gave you a better picture of what to expect and that you have fun decorating a candle, to give to your friends.  I know I did.  Here a little close up of how my blue candle turned out after a little embellishing on it with pearl and glitter.  I used a little glue and watered it down and with a fine paint brush I put it on the snowflakes and added some fine glitter to it and then brushed it off lightly.  Sorry, the glitter is not showing my in pictures.

When I finished decorating my candle with a few more embellishments I took a plastic bag that is used for candy wrapping from Michael's Art's and Crafts store and used it to wrap my candle and put ribbon and a cute Christmas label I made and attached it to the ribbon.  Now my gifts are ready for giving.  I hope my friends or family enjoy the labor I put into it for them?  Making my own Christmas cards and a little gift for giving, gives back the original idea from many years ago.  Years ago people made their own gifts to give to others.  No store shopping or mall shopping in those earlier century's. 

Another peek of how they looked all finished before bagging and
wrapping them up to give away. 

Hope you got the idea and will want to give it a try also?

May the peace and beauty of the season

be yours throughout the year.

Christmas Blessings to all!

From Leanne and family.

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