Saturday, December 17, 2011

Seasons Greetings...


Welcome back stampers.  One more quick Christmas card for you. If your looking for more Merry Christmas card ideas to help you stamp in the Christmas spirit, I think you've most likely found it here. I've been posting quite a few new Christmas ideas for your enjoyment in the past couple weeks. 

This card  is something I just began to fool around with to see if I couldn't make a double frame since I don't have one large set and one small square die set from Spellbiners that you use to make a frame effect with.  I cheated a little to do this.  

To do this I cut out my largest die cut from my Spellbinders die package and using winter white paper with my Big Kick . 

Anyways...I then took the second largest die cut from the same package.   I traced the INSIDE of the  second die cut onto the green paper. 

I then took my paper cutter and cut only on the lines I traced on my green paper to form a perfect square.  I then put it behind my white paper and there you have a second frame, to frame it out nicely.  I think that's a way of cheating without having to purchase two sized die cut squares like others do on their blog sites. 

Then, I took some light blue ink and used my ink dobber and formed blue clouds on top of my card stock that I used for the back round picture.  I then used my cute little rubber stamp from Inkado with the Evergreen Tree stamp trying to stamp the trees to appear as if they were scattered in the woods.  I then took white Pearl Ex Metallic paint with a teeny, tiny paint brush and painted white on the tips of the trees to look like snow.  I then used my glue pen on the tips of the trees (after the paint was dry) and used a very fine sparkling glitter to the tips. I also did it for the white snow below the trees.  If you look carefully at the picture you can just barely see the glittery tips.  Seems like no matter how hard I try to photograph the glitter it just won't show up?  As the light hits the trees just right you see the metallic white on the evergreen trees and glitter. It looks so very pretty!

Here is a close up picture to help you see better.

I added the trees to the left side of the frame and some pine needles with my Martha Stewart punch and stamped a few little holly leaves on each corner and added my greeting "Seasons Greeting" to the top of my frame and added few pearls to the top and bottom. I also used dark green paper on the last layer and popped up the white and green frames with my foam adhesive squares.  

I preferred to do this card in a all green monochromatic color scheme and just a hint of blue in the clouds. 

I had the pleasure of giving this card to a new friend Jackie who has been a tremendous help to me, while caring for my elderly dad.  I also had one of my little gifts on hand to give to her along with this card.  It was not one of the candles but something else.  Giving this time of the year is such a pleasure.  Jackie was kind enough to email me a picture of the card and gift I gave here and to show me how she is enjoying it and displaying it in her office for the holidays.  Glad you liked it. Thanks.... Jackie for your dedication and help regarding my father. 

That's it for now.... So till next time, it's a time of sharing, giving and a time
of believing. Hoping your heart and home are filled with love this season as we wish you a wonderful holiday celebration filled with smiles and peace.

Let us rejoice
in the miracle...
Let us open our hearts
in HIS love!

Have a Blessed Christmas...
from Leanne and family!

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