Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fabric/Netting Background Video...

Today, I am extremely pleased to be able to share with you a personal video I have managed to put together. Being my first video for you I hope you will be able to view it ok? Sometimes rather than writing about how you've done something, it's just easier to talk about it. So the reason for this video is to share this cards background with you today

As time progress and I become more comfortable with videos, hopefully... I can share more tutorial videos's with you?  It may take some practice?         


As you take a  closer look you will notice the netting or fabric explained in this video on my card.

Close ups in case your not able to open the video?

Hope this inspires you to get moving and stamping?
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  1. What a GORGEOUS card and a beautiful video Leanne!! Love that glittery netting you found and you did an amazing job with it over the embossed bg layer. So pretty too with the addition of the lace, butterfly and rose bouquet *Ü* Fantastic like a professional! Can't wait to see what other videos you have in store for us! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Wow and double Wow, this is fabulous!!!!

  3. Stunning card! and a great job on the video...can't wait to see more...


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