Monday, August 13, 2012

Stampin' Up with Natures Walk

Today I'm sharing this cute little card that I made for my dear friend Pam who is having surgery this week. I hope it helps brighten up Pam's day when she receives it and is recovering?  Actually next week my dear husband is having surgery himself.  He is having his second knee replacement.  So next week I will by soooooo busy with him.

I've been with my daughter this past week and we've been having fun with our crafting, scrap booking and card ideas.  Throwing out ideas to one another.  This stamp set is one of my daughters sets from Stampin' Up called Nature's Walk and I thought it was cute and wanted to experiment with it for this card.  It's fun working in my daughters stamping room.  Unfortunately, I do not have that luxury at home.   Sure wish I did!  It makes crafting so much easier being able to start  your work and leave it where you left it and then return to finish it when you want.  Maybe some day I will have the luxury of a real craft room?

While visiting with my daughter this past week we drove to Charlotte to attended the CK Success Scrapbook Show in Charlotte, N.C. this past weekend.  As I mentioned before this would be my 3rd scrapbook/stamp show for me this year.  So I think I've had my fill of stamp shows this year.  As always, spending to much money and extra supplies at the shows.  I must say at least my dear husband is supportive of my crafting desire.  I guess I have my daughter to blame for my habit...she's the one who got me started on this years ago, anyways.....LOL!

By the way...This is the cute little verse I put inside of this card rather than a computer generated verse for this card. All for now ladies and hope your having a wonderful week?


  1. Okay, I'm embarrassed to say this...I have this stamp set and have not even inked it yet...I did use one of these stamps in my SU stamp class (I guess that's what make me buy the stamp in the first Your card is lovely, and I like the colors that you used. Aren't those CKC something else? I went to one last year, but I didn't go to the one in my area this year...I was disappointed then I reminded myself that I didnt use everything that I had bought last year. Great that you have the opportunity to stamp with your daughter. It's been a while since I've been able to do that. (My daughter is much too busy. I have a small stamp room...not fancy, but I so appreciate it, and do realize how fortunate I am to have an area like that. Okay, done now, sorry, didn't mean to write a book. Hope you are having a good week. Jill

  2. Wonderful card and I hope hubby comes thru the surgery well. How fun to stamp with your daughter, enjoy it!!!

  3. Hello my friend!! WOW, this is so gorgeous and I just ♥adore♥ birds!! Oh she is gonna love this card Leanne! You always add those beautiful touches. The colors are stunning too!!

    Wow, this summer is just flying right by! I haven't been crafting too much in the way of cards - will be nice to get back into that more. Sorry I haven't been by to visit you recently! How are ya? How's your summer going? I'll say some prayers for your hubby's knee surgery coming up. I'm sure you'll be the best home nurse ever! :) Take care!

    (OK... holy smokes gf! I just tried typing that code below 3 times and got every one of them wrong! They sure make it hard!!) Here goes #4!

  4. Wow.what a BEAUTY of a card...I really like the little design along the side, and your colours!

  5. Well your cards are always so gorgeous, but i really did have a wonderful time with you last week and alrealy miss you... hugs and kisses!!!

  6. Leanne, I just realized I forgot to mention about your hubby's surgery. You said on the 13th that it would be "next" week. So if it's over I hope all went well...Blessings, to both of you.


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