Sunday, October 21, 2012

Grab A Paper & Pen...

This year for my birthday my sweet daughter sent me a lovely birthday card she made with a cute little paper and pen set.  I was pleasantly surprised when opening the card and package knowing she made both.   I loved this idea she found on Pinterest.  She made me a darling little pad and matching pen very similar to the ones here.   I mimicked the idea and used some of my scrap paper with these since it doesn't take much paper to do them.  I used anything I had to glam the paper pad up!  I then wrapped them in cello bags and put a bow around them and a tag on each of them. 
I gave the blue and pink ones (shown above) to my two nieces when visiting with them recently.  They just loved them!!!  I always try to have a quick little gift I've made to give them, when I see them.  Who doesn't love a cute little gift made with love?
I have a dear acquaintance of mine and it was her birthday this month.  Jackie is her name and she works hard at a government office so I thought she may like it and surprised her with this card and the pad (shown below) to match for her birthday.
Now I couldn't just let it go at that with only a card and decorated pad with out taking a blue paper gift bag I had and tried to make it all... match slightly.  I dropped it off at her office one day last week and I hope she liked it? 
I also used a large piece of magnet that I had and glued it to the back of the pad in case the person may want to use it on their refrigerator or anything metal to hang it.  (I always save the magnets with advertisements on them that sometimes come glued on to the front of your White or Yellow Page directories that the phone company sends you each year).  Also, be sure to take the tip of the pen and unscrew the top or bottom (if it comes off) and cut a piece of matching paper and wrap it around the ink refill and put it back inside to match your paper you used to decorate the pad with.  Look hard and you can see the pen matches the paper here.  I also took white tissue for the bag and stamped flowers on to the tissue to match the  same flower I stamped on this card.  (Tissue is not shown here...sorry).
Hope you like this Pinterest idea as well as I did?  Now...I'm truly sorry I can't give credit to who ever posted this idea on Pinterest.  If you know...please let me know and I will give them a shout out here.
Thanks for stopping and hope you'll return soon for more inspiration. 


  1. What a gorgeous gift set. Your work is always so beautiful.

  2. I'm sure your friend loved her's so lovely...Very nicely done.


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