Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dinner Place Cards and Matching Christmas Card...

My dad has the most sweetest girlfriend  Gerri who is 80's young (I won't give her real age away here).   Each Christmas I try to come up with a little gift idea that I can make and give to her.  This year I came up with the idea of place card settings for her dinner table.  Since she loves to entertain formally she usually has place cards set at her dinner table so each guest knows where to sit.  One evening I though  of this idea to make and give her some of my own  homemade place cards.  She usually has a large group of people each time she entertains for dinner. I've been invited to quite a few of her lovely delicious dinner parties.  So I wanted to make her at least 12 place cards to match with a Christmas table theme.
I used my snowflake punch and made 6 in green and 6 in red to break them up a bit and blend in with Christmas colors that she would set her table with.
My next problem was do I wrap them?  I had purchased some clear cello box's last year while attending a scrapbook show.  They finally came in handy.  It was still a little hard to place them inside the box and arrange them in a way to look evenly balanced inside.  That's why it may look a little strange when viewing this picture?  I inner-connected and some are upside down etc.
I was lazy and didn't make a tag to match.  Perhaps I should have?  Instead I down loaded this pretty little Christmas gift tag from a talented women Astrid who lets you print freebies from her website.  I took advantage of her efforts.   Sincere appreciation to Astrid. 
I hope Gerri enjoys these little place cards?  And...I hope you're enjoying your Christmas holidays!
Merry Christmas friends....!!!


  1. Such a cute idea,need to remember this gift idea.

  2. Beautifully done, I'm sure she'll love your gift! I like your presentation too. Thanks for sharing the link, you gave me an idea I might try for Christmas dinner if I still find the time. Tfs, and Merry Christmas, Blessings, Jill

  3. What a wonderful gift and idea. Beautiful!!!


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