Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Holidays...

Usually in June or July I begin to think about my Christmas cards that I will make to send out to each of our out of town friends and family.  I usually make between 30-35 cards. So I begin the arduous task early in the year so that I'm not rushed.  I try to make them simple and without to much dimension them so that I will not have to pay extra postage.  Half way through making them I say to myself; "this may be my last year to make my own Christmas cards to send to everyone"? 

 This was what I came up with for this year and have finally mailed them out so it's now safe to post them for you.  I used vellum paper to embossed the ornaments and then took a small amount of silver paper to emboss a ornament and cut it out for each card and placed it on top of the middle ornament with a glue dot.  I added a silver bow I made for each card and also used three tiny sliver snowflakes and attached it to the card.

This was the Christmas verse I chose to put on the inside of each card.  I generally prefer Merry Christmas to the front of my cards each year.  However, I did not have a stamp small enough to fit the space on the front of my card.  So I used Happy Holidays in red ink instead this year.
 Wishing you a blessed Christmas Seaon!


  1. This is a very pretty card! I can relate to every thing you said. I keep thinking each year...this may be the last time I can send out cards...but Oh how I would miss it! With some of my cards I got carried away with the layers and my postage was too high...I know I won't do that again. (Only on cards I hand deliver) Hope you are having a good week.

  2. Yes...Jill
    The postage can be a real downfall. So I try to hand deliver as much as possible.

  3. amazing christmas card.Really enjoyed your site. will return again.

  4. Beautiful Christmas card Leanne!! Love that silver ornament amongst the embossed ones. And good for you getting them done so early. I did not and therefore I resorted to a digitized photo greeting card and even getting all those addressed and mailed was hard finding time to do!! Can't believe how FAST Christmas is sneaking up on us. We just put up our li'l tree 2 days ago. LOL. Oh well. Next year I'll start earlier!

    Have a very Merry Christmas!!


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