Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sending You Thoughts & Prayers....

This card appears to be simple but sweet. Not much involved here in making it.
Still using my Martha Stewart Punch and Flower Soft here on this card.

I had a girlfriend who was having medical tests and needed some encourgement along the way
so I hurried and made this pretty little card to send to her.

The background color is a very deep purple.  No matter how I tried to photograph it, it just doesn't want to look purple in the picture?
Thats all for this week. Stop by again next week and I will have another card that is a combination between this card and something quite similar. you all!



  1. Leanne,
    This is so very lovely!I adore the purple, I wish I had some advice about photographing it so it will show better. I hope all is well with your friend,she is sure to love this card!!

  2. So pretty and such understated elegance, beautiful card!!

  3. Another very pretty, elegant card Leanne! :)

  4. Very pretty card...Very nicely done. I'm sure your friend Loved your card!


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