Monday, April 29, 2013

Another Butterscotch Hello Doily...

Good day ladies....glad to have you stop by again.
Here's a look at another "Hello Doily" for you.
This doily is embossed with Sprinkle N Sparkles lovely embossing powder called "Butterscotch".  I love the color and shine it gives off.  I tried photographing the picture so that you'd be able to see how it shines in the perfect light. 
Here in this picture it does not pick up the sheen it has.  I originally stamped the doily on a piece of light, light yellow paper.  The embossing powder picks up a nice butterscotch shade with the light yellow paper.  I very carefully cut the doily out and popped it up in the center.  I added a pretty silk flower to the center because I actually over embossed the center with my heat gun trying to make the paper lay flat, it began to curl as it dried.    So....rather than throw it away because the center didn't look nice, I covered it up with pretty flower and it still looked nice enough to use.  
I love this white background and lace edge that was done with a Martha Stewart's punch around the page. I popped up the white center with my pop dots to give it more dimension.  It still needed something to add to it so lastly I added three butterflies giving it a lacy look to it.

I at the same time embossed all different colors of this "Hello Doily" stamp with my embossing powder and made several of the "Hello Doily's" in different colors.  So as time progress... I hope to get creative and come up with something again that I will post to my site for you to peek at again with a different color combo to it?
 Hope you enjoyed stopping by today.  Please don't forget to leave a quick message or comments.  I look forward to knowing you where here?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Hello Doily...

Recently Stampin-Up' promoted two days of ordering with no shipping fees.  So...I took advantage of their offer and ordered this stamp called "Hello Doily".  I always admired this trendy little stamp for how real like, it looks.  I have a dear girlfriend who does doily crocheting and many of her doily's look as beautiful as this. So I am putting this card away until September and will be sure to send it to her on her birthday.  I know she will love it with this pretty doily embossed on this card.

Again, you are unable to see the glitter that the doily has in it.  I used Sprinkle N' Sparkle embossing powder called "Pink Delight" with tiny flecks of gold glitter in it. It glimmers and shines so pretty with tiny flecks of gold in the doily with the correct lighting.  I added a couple beautiful K & Co. Iris stickers and used my lace embossing folder to the side.  I love the color combination of pink and black together. 
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Monday, April 15, 2013

A Rose Of A Brithday...

 Hello blog friends!
Glad you stopped by again this week.
This month is one of my sister-in-laws birthday.  She says she always loves my cards.  You guessed it!  This was the card I gave her this year.

I of course colored my embossing folder with pink ink from Stampin-Up' and love the way it looks in pink and white on this card.  I also used this free download with the roses and cut it to size to place inside of my pretty embossed Spellbinders labels. 

Adding lace and pearls always adds a classic look.  I'm sure she was pleasantly surprised again this year.  Happy Birthday Patty!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Where Has The Teal Green Gone...

Thanks for stopping by today. 
I've been extremely busy and away for the Easter Holiday visiting my children and dear little grandson so I'm a tad late this week posting another card for you.  
Once again, I was asked by a dear friend to please make a card for her daughter-in-laws birthday that was soon to be in April.  I explained I had recently purchased this new die cut and asked her If she would like it made with this new die.  (The die cut is so feminine and what girl doesn't like frilly and lattice).  She agreed.

So my nibble finger got quickly to work and I came up with this card for her.
My girlfriend was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out and couldn't wait to give it to her.
One thing you will notice as the birthday verse looks more green or teal green. She did ask me to use teal green as her daughter-in-law loves teal green.
In actuality the blue background color is really more teal green than it appears.  It's unfortunate that my camera and lighting does not show the true background color.  It appears quite blue in each picture.  The flowers and ink really matched the paper in real life.

I would love to take some classes in picture taking to learn more of how I can make my colors more true to life in my pictures.  However, I don't think that will ever happen, so you will just have to bear with me.  I've tried taking my pictures outdoors to try and pick up the true colors but gave up on that now because the sunlight is so bright in the day I can barely see my cameras screen.
Wishing you all a crafty week!
Please stop by again real soon....

Monday, April 1, 2013

Get Well Greetings...

Hoping each one that celebrated Easter had a wonderful holiday?
We have two dear friends who are fighting a arduous battle with Leukemia and treatments right now. While making this card I thought it would be a nice one to send on to Luann to help lift her up with encouragement along the way.  I do send her and our other dear friend Dave a card intermittently to encourage them and to let them know they are in our (my husband and I) constant prayers and thinking of them.

I also added a few homemade flowers and attached them to the bible scripture verse.  I didn't get to carried a way with to many flowers, just a few.  Sometimes less is more!
The bible verse is computer generated.

Hope your Easter Holidays were excellent.  Thanks so much for stopping by.

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