Monday, April 22, 2013

Hello Doily...

Recently Stampin-Up' promoted two days of ordering with no shipping fees.  So...I took advantage of their offer and ordered this stamp called "Hello Doily".  I always admired this trendy little stamp for how real like, it looks.  I have a dear girlfriend who does doily crocheting and many of her doily's look as beautiful as this. So I am putting this card away until September and will be sure to send it to her on her birthday.  I know she will love it with this pretty doily embossed on this card.

Again, you are unable to see the glitter that the doily has in it.  I used Sprinkle N' Sparkle embossing powder called "Pink Delight" with tiny flecks of gold glitter in it. It glimmers and shines so pretty with tiny flecks of gold in the doily with the correct lighting.  I added a couple beautiful K & Co. Iris stickers and used my lace embossing folder to the side.  I love the color combination of pink and black together. 
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  1. This is really beautiful Leanne. It looks so real.

  2. Wow...Is this ever pretty, your doily looks so 3D, like it would almost leap off the card, and what gorgeous irises!! BEAUTIFUL Card!!

  3. this card is so beautiful! Plus love the black and white.... your site is amazing!!

  4. Beautiful card....I really like the color combo you all time favorite for a card. I really like this stamp too. I purchased it because it reminded me of the dresses I would make for baby gifts...with the pineapple design in the bottom of the dresses. I have only used my stamp one time, because I have had a difficult time stamping it evenly even with using versamark and embossing powder. Obviously, you didn't have a problem stamping with that stamp...excellent job.

  5. Beautiful card and I love that colour combination. Haven't inked up my stamp yet so thanks for the inspiration.

  6. I saw this on SCS and had to come over. This looks like a real life doily and not a stamp at all. I have the same loveable stamp and haven't used it yet.

  7. Beautiful card, love the colors and doily design.

    regards diane


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