Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sharing Cards Made By Others....

As "2013" closes to an end...  I hope each of you had a wonderful and blessed Christmas season with family and dear friends?  I know I did! Spending Christmas time with my 5 year old grandson and family always gives me great joy.  Seeing the excitement and anticipation from my grandson opening his gifts from Santa on Christmas morning always makes it a little more delightful and exciting even for me (Grandma)!  
The past couple of years I've embraced a couple of  new and dear friendships with other blogger's out there (that I've never met) but who took time to send me a lovely homemade Christmas card this year.  Thank You!  It touched my heart to know that you thought enough of me to make, send and share your cards with me.  I enjoyed receiving them from the bottom of my heart! 
Let me share with you some of the Christmas bliss that was so graciously sent to me and my husband this holiday season.
This beautiful card (below) was sent to me from Jill from "Ribbon Challenged" (new blog friend).  She spent extra postage to send this one to me but I will always cherish it.  Thank you Jill!  I always save homemade cards that others send to me.  This and the others I received will go into my saved box pile to look and admire again at a later time. 
 This beautiful card (below) all in blue and silver was sent to me from Peggy Dollar (new blog friend) who is very active and well known on Split-Coast Stampers.  She even took the time to emboss the envelope so pretty.  It really added that extra touch when receiving the card.   She may have inspired me to take time do the same to each of my Christmas envelopes next year.  Thanks again Peggy!
This one is from Nancy my dear friend and distant relative.  Nancy and I usually get together once a year and delight in stamping and creating cards together when she visits me.  I love it Nancy!
This group of cards are sent to me from various personal friends who usually send me homemade card wishes each year.  I always look forward to receiving those homemade cards from them. I know from experience that sincere love and great care went into making each one of them. Thanks Cheryl S, Cheyl L., Sue, and Pam.
I hope your holidays were extra special and you enjoyed the love of good times and sweet memories to etch in your mind and heart, for years to come?  Wishing each of you a blessed and Happy New Year! 
From Leanne...


  1. Happy New Year to you and your family Leanne.
    Thank you for sharing your gorgeous cards with us.


  2. Leanne, Happy New Year's to you too! Hope it's the best year yet!

    I am so happy that you liked my card...and WOW! What joy it must have been to find those lovely cards in your mailbox! Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Leanne, Thank you for all the nice comments that you leave on my blog...and in answer to your comment...I found the best place to find examples of art Journals is on pinterest...Lots of neat tutorials there too.


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