Sunday, July 20, 2014

Back In Time...

This card was made specifically for a dear High School girlfriend who I hadn't probably seen in over 30 years. This summer I had the privileged of once again arranging a special visit to meet with my friend Debbie. During our school years we had very fond memories of fun times we shared through school.  It certainly was wonderful catching up on the years between us and our life's journey and women we have become.  Life can be sweet, special, and sometimes incredibly hard but blessed by our dear Lord.  

Debbie shared with me a few speed bumps she encounterd along the way when her husband passed at a very young age while she was left to raise her two young children alone.  She has never remarried.  I certainly give her so much credit and praise her for her courage and strong will to continue on alone while giving her all and very best to her children during the years along the way. 

Anyways...... here is again another flower I worked incredibly hard on hoping to make it look as idealistic as possible.  I wanted this card to look and feel special to Debbie.  I had hoped the clock would send thoughts of old times flooding back into lost years of our past memories when she opened it?  Enclosed in the card was a letter thanking her for the special day with a few pictures to recap our special day while reminiscing our stolen moments of yesterday.

I searched for verses that didn't quite measure up to something that I felt appropriate for our previous encounter so I changed a few words here to help capture past memories that can be etched into our minds of lasting friendships through the years.

This little rip was intentional and I loved the effect it helped give this card.  

I hope you enjoyed viewing this special card today and come back again soon?


  1. Leanne this is simply gorgeous. Perfect.

  2. Your card is breathtaking Leanne, I'm sure your friend absolutely adores it!

  3. I'm sure your friend will treasure this card, and realize all the special details that you put into this card to represent your long time friendship.
    The flower is so beautifully done, and your verse is perfect for this card.
    I am very blessed to have some long time friends too....and even though there is a time gap (not 30 years though fortunately for me) no matter how long the gap...when we do get together it's like we pick up right where we last left off...

  4. Another gorgeous project! I love coming to visit your site, almost daily.


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