Monday, October 19, 2015

As The Ocean Churns....

As the old saying goes....She's back!   Sorry for another delay here folks.  Life is so hectic.  

I sent this off to my dear girlfriend for her birthday and wanted an ocean themed card.  This is what I came up with.  The glittered background represents the feeling of the suns rays reflecting off the ocean water into the air.  The ocean waves churning up sea shells to the shore.  

Yes....those are a few real (very tiny) star fish and a couple real shells.  No...I didn't find them, they found me in the craft store.  LOL!  

I received word from my girlfriend and she was pleasantly tickled with this card.  It gave her a sense of a feeling at the beach.  

All for today and wishing you all a happy snappy day.  My next post may bring a peek into the Christmas season that is not far from us all.  I've been working on my Christmas cards that I send to family and friends.  I got a very late start on them this year, so I'm rushing to get them ready.  


  1. This is such a gorgeous beach card.

  2. Your card is fabulous Leanne. I'm sure your girlfriend was very touched to receive a handmade gift from you. Congratulations on your move. How exciting to have a new home and so much fun decorating it!

  3. Such a beautiful card Leanne I am sure your friend loved it...



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