Sunday, August 17, 2014

Costal Birthday Greetingsl ...

This card got a huge Thank You from my son-in-law.  He happens to enjoy the beach whenever he and the family can go to the coast for a vacation.  I think it's like most of us....the coast adds relaxation and refreshment to the soul. 
We recently had been to the beach together with him, my daughter, and adorable six year old grandson for a quick vacation so I thought what could be more fitting than a ocean themed birthday card.  This is a clean and simple card.  What could be easier?  Black ink, white paper and some cute little Sandpiper birds and cattails stamps from my collection. 
It gave me great joy knowing he really enjoyed receiving this card this year for his birthday. {{{smiling}}}
I hope you are all enjoying your summer and maybe a trip or two to the ocean at some point as well for some of your own relaxation and fun?

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Simple Happy Birthday Card...

Recently I was at my daughters home visiting and she was gone to work.  To pass some time I helped myself to her crafting room in her basement.  I needed a quick card for my niece's up coming birthday.
I helped myself to this most beautiful lavender paper she had from who else but..... Stampin'-Up.  The picture once again does not do the color justice.  It is the most beautiful shade of lavender blue I've ever seen.  
She also had this pretty little Happy Birthday stamp so I stamped the inside with Stampin'-Up's pretty lavendar ink that I also used on the outside.  I really don't remember the exact color name?  Sorry?
I used this pretty lace boarder stamp that I also think is from Stampin'-Up but not quite sure? The stamp set is also from Stampin'-Up.   I think Stampin'-Up really gets the star for this card, don't you?:  

So happy you dropped in for a peek!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sending Thoughts And Prayers....

Today, I want to introduce you  to a couple more homemade flowers that I made and used on this card.  I also made some homemade stick pins and haven't used them on any cards recently so today was also a good day to use them and share with you.  
I used the Spellbinders Die Cut called "Fleur De Lis" for the boarder.  This die cut is actually quite square and measures 3-1/2  X 3-1/2.  I wanted this boarder to outline the card size 4-1/4  X  5-1/2. So I cut two of them and overlapped them enough to hide where it was placed together by the verse....Sending You Thoughts and Prayers.  This made a nice size boarder for the card, don't you think?
 Who doesn't like tooling or netting?  So I gathered and glued some near the small blue rose buds giving it a feeling of softness and  femininity to the card.
The inside verse is computer generated with a nice Get Well verse. I hope this card will make some one feel better and make their heart smile knowing it was put together with love.... just for them?  
Until next week I hope you're all doing well and enjoying summer and sunshine wherever you are?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Birthday Rose....

Again, it was my daughters birthday recently and I couldn't remember not to send her a pretty little card that was made from Mom's special love.  "Each year goes by faster and faster"; she says.  I know just what she means. I'm sure you all do as well?  
I used another one of my homemade flowers that I've recently shared with you in previous posts. 
This card layout was inspiration from a sweet little card I saw on Pinterest.  Don't you just love that Pinterest for card inspiration?  I sometimes spend hours on that site.  What a tremendous amount of talent out there! 
I enjoyed placing layers and layers on this card.  I think it adds interest?
Thanks so much for dropping in today.   I hope you'll come back again soon?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Back In Time...

This card was made specifically for a dear High School girlfriend who I hadn't probably seen in over 30 years. This summer I had the privileged of once again arranging a special visit to meet with my friend Debbie. During our school years we had very fond memories of fun times we shared through school.  It certainly was wonderful catching up on the years between us and our life's journey and women we have become.  Life can be sweet, special, and sometimes incredibly hard but blessed by our dear Lord.  

Debbie shared with me a few speed bumps she encounterd along the way when her husband passed at a very young age while she was left to raise her two young children alone.  She has never remarried.  I certainly give her so much credit and praise her for her courage and strong will to continue on alone while giving her all and very best to her children during the years along the way. 

Anyways...... here is again another flower I worked incredibly hard on hoping to make it look as idealistic as possible.  I wanted this card to look and feel special to Debbie.  I had hoped the clock would send thoughts of old times flooding back into lost years of our past memories when she opened it?  Enclosed in the card was a letter thanking her for the special day with a few pictures to recap our special day while reminiscing our stolen moments of yesterday.

I searched for verses that didn't quite measure up to something that I felt appropriate for our previous encounter so I changed a few words here to help capture past memories that can be etched into our minds of lasting friendships through the years.

This little rip was intentional and I loved the effect it helped give this card.  

I hope you enjoyed viewing this special card today and come back again soon?

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