Thursday, July 13, 2017

My Own Watercolor Tulips...

By no means of the imagination do I really have any real artistic ability or a gift for painting. However, I got inspired one evening and decide to try and use my watercolor paint and brush to try and form pedals and tulips.  No stamps this time.  
One thing I do like about water-coloring as it can be forgiving when forming a flower.  It just leaves the eye to have its own imagination of a flower with out being to specific. 
I liked the way it turned out and sent it to a friend after her surgery.  Perhaps,  I'll try to do this again sometime soon?  I found it fun and rewarding not using stamps this time.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Happy Retirement ....

Recently a neighbor of mine was retiring from her job so I put together this quick card with one of my favorite stamps and made her some candies to match with computer printer labels to match the color.    I used my Stampin Up wheel and while running it across each label  and applied little flowers from a punch I had and put green glitter in the center.
I have small 3 x 3 cello boxes I purchased a long time ago and put a bit of white straw on the bottom and put a small "For You" label on it and took it to her.  Her reaction was delightful!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Happy 1st Anniversary Ryan and Beth...

Today I'm eager to share with you this Anniversary card I made for my Son and sweet Daughter-In-Law.  It's been a year already since their wedding vows took place.  I'm sure they would agree how fast the year has gone since making wedding plans for that special day.

In the mean time I set out to make a 1st year Anniversary card to follow suit with their wedding card that I made for them.  Below is the card I made for them.  I wanted them each to look similar and co-inside with one another.

Here is a verse that I was able to implement and change the verses wording to fit them well.  

I always dislike photographing white cards because the camera does not do the white on white justice.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Happy Birthday Wishes Jill....

I'm sure many of you had made stamping friends through the internet and other blogs.  Well...I've made a great friend Jill from Ribbon Challenged who's birthday was the the 30th and I got out this card to send her so that she knew I was thinking of her on her Birthday.  This stamp is from Penny Black is certainly one of my favorites along with the other black stamp I purchased at a stamp show several years ago and is also a favorite of mine. This particular stamp is from Stampendous and name is Vintage Contract. 

Hope you had a marvelous birthday Jill?

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Blue Iris Eyes...

It's birthday time again for my sweet niece Kelli.  So I'm hoping she'll enjoy this when she receives it.  She has the most pretty blue eyes and is a true blond.  So this title fits her quite well.  This is another one of Penny Blacks stamps that I again am very fond of.   I've been on a quest recently to try and make cards that are not 3 dementional without die cuts so that I do not have to pay extra postage.  We all know how costly it can get if your mailing many cards and the Post Office charges extra for the demention in the envelope. 

You will see more cards like this returning for your viewing of a couple more Penny Black Stamps that I purchased and stamped for cards to be on hand for a quick card.  
Hope you all have a great day!

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