Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Through the Window Glass....

Don't we just love looking at a window as pretty as this and seeing pretty curtains and gorgeous flowers in front of it.  Well....I tried adorning the look of pretty lace curtains to this window and placing flowers at the sill with this card.  Seems you never can go wrong using pre-made Dementional flowers from K & Company, as used here.


I layed the card (down here in this picture) so you can see the light reflecting off of it and that there is a piece of clear plastic between the card stock. It helps it to feel like window glass.  I sent this to my niece for her Anniversary.  Hope she liked it?  I hope you do as well?

Thanks for peeking.....Hugs to all!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Light As A Feather....

Welcome back to my blog stampers.  Today I have two cards that are almost identical.  I'm naming them "Light As A Feather" because if you look closely at both cards you will notice I have a feather behind the dimensionals that I used and it adds a soft and warm feeling.
A dear friend of mine asked me to make two identical looking cards for her girlfriends birthday.  However, I wanted to make them feel a little more special to both of them without being totally identical.   So both have a subtle flare of their own.

I enjoyed making these and where relatively simple by adding the dimensionals and whimsey feathers that I had.  Hope you enjoyed stopping in today?

Saturday, February 20, 2016


I wished my girlfriend Sandy a lovely and special birthday while sending her this card.  It is another one of my clean and simple cards.   Sometimes I think clean and simple is somewhat harder to get a simple idea in my head rather than using lots of layers on my cards.

Sandy was so appreciative and said she saves each card I send to her each year. Knowing someone appreciates your efforts and that they save them makes me happy for the work involved.  It makes it even more special then to send them birthday wishes again each year.  ((((smiling))))!

I generally try to make cards to send in the mail that are not to thick so that I do not have to pay for extra postage.  This is one of them.

Hope your week is going well and your happy scraping?

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Pine Cone Christmas Card 2015

Today is the final result of my 40 Christmas cards that I send to family and friends. Looking back I see changes that I should have made.  Not quite satisfied but to late now to make changes. 

Each year I tire easily when making so many cards of the same.  To me it gets a little redundant and boring.  However, I take a bit of self satisfaction at the end process.  

Here is a peek at the inside verse I chose and made on my computer program.  No stamp needed for the inside verse.  I also computer generate my husband and my name to the inside bottom  and it helps it look a little a bit more professional like they were sent out for printing. 

This year friends and family will be receiving them a little early so I can concentrate on other holiday chores.   As the holiday season is soon approaching I hope your getting all your Christmas cards and plans started?

Merry Christmas love to all!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Pine Cone Christmas....

As promised here is a preview of my Christmas cards I've been working on for this years season.  My hubby surprised me with this shot for you.   Not really a very flattering shot of me, is it?  You also get a sneak peak at my crafting table here where I work in our office. 

This year I choose to make my Christmas cards similar to the post I posted last Dec. 9th, 2014.   Last year I bought this pine cone stamp and made a preliminary card in Dec. 9th post to see if I liked it the pine cone stamp? I made a few changes to this card rather than the one I made last year.   Obviously I did like the stamp because I made 40 of the same kind of cards with it to send on to family and friends for this holiday season.  40 cards is still not enough to send to each person I would like to but the expense is truly great as you probably already know.  The postage alone is a heavy duty.  Not to mention the supplies and die cut expenses.  I'm sure each person that receives them really has no idea.... as to the time, expense and work involved each year?  Unless you're a fellow stamper, then you would understand what I'm talking about?

I work on them a little at a time, as time permits trying not to be overwhelmed with doing to many at one time.    Sometime I leave them on the desk for days until I can get back into the realm of crafting. 

This picture shows you a few changes that I used as I bought the pine cone die cut to pop up and a Merry Christmas die cut and found a  larger pine cone at JoAnn's Fabrics earlier this year.  I had Christmas card thoughts in mind when I purchased the two different die cuts.  I used white Acrylic Paint and a small paint brush and dabbed on snowflakes to give it a more realistic Christmas time look to it. 

Next week I'll show you a close up of this card.  So...hope you return for the final preview?  

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