Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Ready and Waiting....

This happens to be one of my more favorite cards I've made and still can't seem to part with it and give it to someone special.  Probably because it was hard making the white outer oval cut out.  I used my Big Shot to cut the die cut.  If you notice it did not cut thru both papers and with that said I think that makes this an unusual card?
I'm happy to share it will you all rather than giving it away. I really don't know why I'm so attached to it and not want to present it to someone for a special occasion.  Maybe in time?

Thursday, February 23, 2017

It's Time....

Time for another Birthday.  Handed this off to someone for her past birthday.  That someone loved it dearly.  I think the thought of homemade cards sometimes leaves the person receiving them happy. Just knowing someone took special time for them.
Time for another birthday was the theme of this card and inside verse.
I love the blue and green combination with blue hydrangeas seeping in the background
  . Hope you enjoyed it too?

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Envelope Gift Pack....

A short while ago I got busy making cards that did not have any embellishments on them or any demention to them so I could mail them without paying extra money to mail them.
I truly enjoyed making these. We so often get carried away with demention on our cards with embellishments.  I begam making a couple of the same kind of each to have enough to make two different gift boxes filled and a decorated envelope to store them in and then gave them to friends as a hostess gift when invited to a special occasion at their home. Here is a close up of each of them.                                               

                                                                              Two different Birthday cards.


One Get Well card.

One Sympathy Card.

And....last but not least a decorated envelope to put them in and look pretty enough without having to wrap them.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Years 2017....

Wishing each of my sweet blogger friends a Happy New Year and the best of everything in 2017!

I took down my Christmas house decorations today and put up this sweet little wreath.  I wanted to share this werath with you.  Actually it was a wreath I had already and with the hot sun it totally was destroyed it during the summer months.  It needed a little perk up!
 So I took the old wreath and remade it once again.  I removed all the old worn out and faded wreath greenery.  I purchased new greenery and used the existing twigs underneath to adhere the new items.

I bought pretty ribbon and made a bow to attach as well.  My house it decorated in coastal design so I wanted another coastal wreath to co-inside with the inside decor.
Since I live in a warmer climate and have warm temps almost year round I felt spring coming in the air soon and have already put it up where the old wreath hung and took down the pretty Christmas wreath that was there for the holidays. 

Hope you all enjoyed the Christmas holidays and are looking forward to the New Year?

Monday, December 5, 2016

2016 Christmas Card....

           Transparent Christmas Decor with Bells PNG Clipart

Two years ago I made a similar card and decided to do it again but add a bit more touches with pine leaves and red sequence with a little crystal glitter glue in center of each sequence.  I always make at least 40 of them and send them out to friends and some family members each year.  Here is my finished product.

In the beginning stage below.  Most of you may know this technique I used where you take wide packing tape and sprinkle fine glitter dust and burnish it all over all over the tape.  You then take a stamped item of anything you like to place beneath it.  Here I used my musical stamp I had and stamped it on white paper and placed it underneath of the tape.

I then took a piece of paper, cut to card size and cut a hole in the center of it.  I then ran it through my Big Shot with my musical embossing folder and placed and taped my small musical stamp and glitter tape beneath the large musical paper hole.

Image result for for blogs christmas clip art

The picture really doesn't show how pretty the sparkling musical bulb looks in real life. As you can see I had a production line going.  However,  I really worked on them in different stages.  I usually start my Christmas cards in the summer and work on them as I feel like.  I really hate being rushed and at Christmas time we have so many things to prepare for.  

Here you can see I added the pine needles here with my Martha Stewart punch I've had for ages.

Here is how the Christmas bulb I created looks close up.  If you look hard you can see the pretty sparkling glitter inside the bulb.  During mail transit I'm afraid the sequence may have feel off inside the envelope.  I had trouble with the glue.  Probably not sticky enough?  So if your reading this and your one of my friends/family that received a card, I hope the sequence was still in tact?

Here is the computer generated verse I put inside each card.  I also add my husband and my name to the inside so they almost look as if they were sent for engraving. I also add a religious verse inside  my cards each year because we know "Jesus it the reason for Christmas".

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!  
Image result for for blogs christmas clip art

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