Sunday, July 20, 2014

Back In Time...

This card was made specifically for a dear High School girlfriend who I hadn't probably seen in over 30 years. This summer I had the privileged of once again arranging a special visit to meet with my friend Debbie. During our school years we had very fond memories of fun times we shared through school.  It certainly was wonderful catching up on the years between us and our life's journey and women we have become.  Life can be sweet, special, and sometimes incredibly hard but blessed by our dear Lord.  

Debbie shared with me a few speed bumps she encounterd along the way when her husband passed at a very young age while she was left to raise her two young children alone.  She has never remarried.  I certainly give her so much credit and praise her for her courage and strong will to continue on alone while giving her all and very best to her children during the years along the way. 

Anyways...... here is again another flower I worked incredibly hard on hoping to make it look as idealistic as possible.  I wanted this card to look and feel special to Debbie.  I had hoped the clock would send thoughts of old times flooding back into lost years of our past memories when she opened it?  Enclosed in the card was a letter thanking her for the special day with a few pictures to recap our special day while reminiscing our stolen moments of yesterday.

I searched for verses that didn't quite measure up to something that I felt appropriate for our previous encounter so I changed a few words here to help capture past memories that can be etched into our minds of lasting friendships through the years.

This little rip was intentional and I loved the effect it helped give this card.  

I hope you enjoyed viewing this special card today and come back again soon?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Waiting For You...

As I said before it's time to get back to stamping and creating.  Here is one that I've had waiting for you. 

I want you to notice two things the plastic placed between the window for a more realistic look to this card.  Second, as I've been busy and inspired from my dear friend Jerri Kay of  "A Touch Of Grace" to get crack-in and make some of my own flowers rather than store bought ones.  I tried to follow Jerri's directions as close as possible and that's how mine all turned out? I scrunched them up good and misted water to them to help the paper crinkle better, and used my embossing pen as she implied in her superb directions.  I however, did use my Spellbinders Die Cut called Rose Creations to cut them out and then improvised on the crinkly pink ones on this card. I cut each petal into smaller strips to form the whimsy effect on the larger flowers here.  The next few weeks I will be sharing some of these homemade flowers on my cards. 

Above are some that will eventually be on my next few cards in the coming weeks.

A closer view of my flower for you that is on this card!

I only was able to purchase white stamens for the center of my flowers so I took my Tom Bow Pink Pen and colored them pink.  

I added lace to the inside of the window to make it look like lace curtains.  

I really enjoyed making my own flowers although it makes for lots of work.  

Hope you were inspired to try a few of your own?  Hope you all come back next week for another peek? 
I'll be waiting!

The Winner Is....

And the winner is......Mary Lee Carroll

Blogger Mary Lee Carroll said...
Leanne, like everyone else, may I add my thanks for all of your inspiration! I believe I first saw one of your projects on pinterest and have been hooked every since. The card actually showed how to create lilacs and I did so right away, sending it to a loved one fighting cancer, who LOVES the color purple. I have since sent her others that were inspired by you, too. We should be sending you the "prize" for all you do! Again, thank you so much!
June 28, 2014 at 4:41 PM
I hope Mary Lee will enjoy receiving a few new goodies to her craft supplies?  Be sure to email me (my right side bar@Contact Me) with you home address so I can get this out right away.

It was a shame more people didn't join in for this give away.  However, It is pleasure knowing that many of you do read and explore my blog each day by looking at my blog stats.  Perhaps some of you are to shy to chime in?

It now time to get moving and start blogging again with more of my weekly posts with more of my recent cards for you to peek at.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Celebrating With A Blog Give Away!

Today is a little more special for me and I'd like to take this opportunity to show my appreciation to many of my blog friends and followers. As I walk memory lane, it was my original long term plan, when I started my blog, to eventually host a blog give away at a later point in time. Another year has come and gone with my blog and I want to show my appreciation  with you and share a little blog candy. I believe the time has arrived.....

It's been incredibly fun making new friends through blog land. Each of you have been a constant source of joy to me and inspiration to continue on blogging with your lovely comments and personal emails. It's always appreciated and inspires me to continue my blog!

I hope that you will join in for the fun? No crazy rules on this give a way or hoops to jump through. If you would like to share my give away picture here and link into your side bar, please do! I would be delighted but, not necessary!  Just be sure to tell all you stamping friends to join in for some fun. 

I hope you like what you see here and join my blog as a follower, only.... if you wish? I always love new followers and new blog friendships. I've always disliked blog give a way's when you’re forced to join their blog to receive their prize. I only hope you enjoy my blog and come back time and time again for inspiration and leave me more of your sweet comments?

Rules for this little give away....I only ask that you leave me a comment on this post telling me a little about yourself and how you found me and if there may have been a favorite card of mine that you have particularly enjoyed.

By midnight Friday. July 11th.  I will pick a winner. On Monday, July 14th I will announce the winner!

The winner MUST contact me within 24 hours (go to my right sidebar to my email address there that reads... CONTACT ME) while emailing me with your home address so that I can send you your blog goodies. If the winner does not respond after 24 hrs. Then I will pick another winner.

 So stay tuned and Good Luck my friends!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Daisy Daisy Do....

A cherry hello to each of you who took time to stop by today.  Hope this little one is something that you'll enjoy stopping in for another little peek this week?  I used my favorite die cut from  Marianne Design Creatable's LR0200 (Corner) and decided to place each corners cut into the center of the card for a more eye catching look on this card.
I also used my daisy punch and made a few more daisy's again for two corners to help make this card feel feminine?  
The background papers I used to frame out this card are of turquoise and green  and seem to compliment each other quite nicely. I then made pink and yellow daisy's for a colorful combination of flowers. 
It seems to me that a butterfly almost always adds a soft look to any card and you can never go wrong with adding it somewhere onto your creation.  Perhaps I should have added a few pearls onto the butterfly but completely forgot it until I say my picture here.

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