Saturday, May 30, 2020

I've not posted in ages and I've decided to add a few more water coloring drawings and paintings I've made recently.  Each of my pictures are done on watercolor sized paper of approximate 4' x 5' and eventually made into a greeting card and sent to others.

I think blogging is sort of a thing of the past and more people are interested in Pinterest.   Most of my work is inspired by other works and then I try to recreate the into my own images.  I started this a few years ago trying to play with water colors and left making greeting cards with dies and so on.  I've not taken any art classes but just dabble with it for personal fun.  I am certainly no professional but have fun trying to see what I can and cannot do?   More of my work is placed in Pinterest under "Stamping A Little Sunshine".

Sorry the pictures are not of the greatest quality any longer, I have stopped editing them because there are no free editing picture sites anymore that I can find?

Hope you enjoy?  If so leave me a comment here so I know you've visited recently.  I will eventually post more for you, if you let me know you'd enjoyed them?

Drew with pencil and then water colored these into birthday cards for my daughter and son-in-law for their birthdays this year that are only days apart.

A few beach scenes which are my favorite things to draw and make.

Made this for my son's birthday card since he lives on a lake and has a pontoon boat and love boating.

Just for fun.

Love drawing flowers also.

Thanks for stopping!  

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