Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Couple More Pillow Box's

OK....I know I promised you a look at more of my pillow box's in my last post.  So here they are.  I won't make you wait any longer. I really love glamming up these box's. 

Since Christmas is just around the corner.... I think my daughter may need a few more little gifts at Christmas to give to her neighbors so, I thought I'd help her out with these.   Last year I made something else for my daughter to give to her neighbors.   It was a hit!!!  I'm hoping these will be a hit also?  I think these Pillow Box's make a stunning little gift?  I enjoy making these little gifts and my daughter is a busy Mom.   So, I have the time to devote to it and she doesn't.   This is one small way of helping her out.

AND...if your wondering what's inside this time....we'll it's not candy.  Actually, I was able to fill them with FREE shampoo, conditioner and  bath soap that you are so graciously given at hotels for your convenience. 

 You really can't fill these Pillow Box's with anything to large so, I decided to use my freebies for this project since they are such small samples they give you at hotels.  I took my freebies and covered them with 2" X 4" Avery labels and used my Stampin-Up' roller again in a pretty Vintage print and violet color to match my blue pillow box's.   I printed out a template (on my computer) from a free website to download a Pillow Box Template and cut it out free hand. (I enlarged them a tiny bit myself and tweaked the template to make a larger box than the original template).  This made it easier to be able to fit all the freebies inside the box.

Now...this picture gives you a look at how the shampoo, conditioner, and bath bar look with the Avery Labels Vintage design I stamped and adhered to them,  before filling my box's.  

 Now here is another peek at ANOTHER - Pillow Box I made with a similar look to the Pillow Box (at the top of the page) and another look to see how similar and different it can look.

I hope these box's and picture's have inspired your paper crafting ideas and creativity today?  If so, let me know?  Comments are always welcome! 
Especially... if you have any helpful hints to offer?  I'd love to hear about them.

Until next week ... please have a wonderful week.
Paper hugs and blessings to all.  From Leanne!!!

Happy Stamping Ladies…


  1. Mom,

    You out did yourself again.

    Love Alway Your Daughter

  2. What a stunning set of 'goodie' boxes. So feminine and wonderful!


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