Monday, February 13, 2012

Congradulations In Order....

 First of all.....
 are in order to our new
Miss County Fair Winner
(here in the town where we live).

This past week I was taken back by a phone call that quite surprised me. The call came from a mother who asked me if I could make 16 pillow box's for her daughter who had entered as a contestant at our County Fair here in our town, to take place this past Saturday evening.

This special young lady wanted to offer a small token of positive reception to each of her fellow constituents after the pageant that evening.  I certainly think that was a unique touch and positive idea on her part to help make the evening feel just a "little more special" to each of them.   It’s the little things that a person sometimes does to encourage each other in the mist of a very significant evening. 

Only having two days notice I got busy immediately working on the pillow box's.  Luckily, I had this pretty plum paper that I had bought at a stamp show this past year, so each box would be identical.  I filled the box's with Hershey Chocolate nuggets and used my Stampin -Up wheel on my Avery labels with a pretty design and then was able to put a little dress and crown with the County name and year over the labels with a computer program I have.  This helped give it a little more personalized feel for the girls.

When the project was over I wanted to give the young lady a little something of her own so I filled a clear box for her and made it as close as possible to the orginal box's but wanted her's to be just a bit different to enjoy.  Here it is.

to all the young ladies who participated
in the County pagent. 
Great job!  
I'm sure you "ALL" had a most
memorable and wonderful time
that will be etched forever in your mind. 
I feel honored that I could play just a
small little part in it. 
It was fun! each of you from Leanne!

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  1. OH wowie... these are beautiful!! Simple enough to whip several out but so elegant too! Love that orchid purple so much and the butterfly and nestie really adds a personal touch. Lovely!!


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