Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Real Hydrangeas At Home....

No crafting card to share with you at this moment.  I just wanted to quickly share something with you.  Hydrangeas are truly one of my most favorite flowers.  These are real dried hydrangeas on top of my wall unit.

My sweet girlfriend Carol gave them to me when recently visiting with her.  She loves to garden and she had them hanging in her garage and insisted I take the home with me knowing my love and desire for them.  Not being a Gardner myself I didn't know that they could be dried and saved.  Dah!  So I wanted to put them somewhere in my home that I could enjoy!  So I found this cozy little place for them and will think of Carol each time I look at them.  Thanks so much Carol.

Hang tight everyone because I will soon have another pretty card to share with you. 

 This inspires me to get working on a card made with hydrangea's?  Maybe later?


  1. How thoughtful of your friend Leanne, I love hydrangea as well. I had dried hydrangea in an arrangement in a guest bath in my last home. It's so beautiful even when dry. I hope you have many years of enjoyment with your gift.

  2. Very nice...Yes, I'm another Hydrangea lover too...they look very pretty on your shelf. Thank you for sharing.

  3. How lovely Leanne. I love Hydrangeas too, but for some reason have had no success in growing them. Hugs Rita xxx


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