Sunday, June 30, 2013

Stampfest 2013 With Tim Holtz...

The past couple of years I've set off to attend the stamp show in Florida and again attended 'Stampfest 2013' in Orlando.  Orlando is a hustling bustling city and fun to visit.

This year they had a special guest star who most of you know.  TIM HOLTZ. Tim was the star at the show this year I was able to capture a short video to share with you.  You will notice it was extremely noisy while videoing him.  You will hear one admirer as she tells him "Tim Your Wonderful"!  I'm sure he was flattered as he smiled at the crowd and continued working.   I was not able to get any closer to him due to the large crowd.  I did talk with one other person at the show and she showed me his signature that he was kind enough to sign for her.

Video from Stampfest 2013 w/Tim demo-ing.

A few more pictures.

 It was a fun filled stamp show and as always, extremely happy that I was able to attend the show again this year.

P.S.  Be sure to view this weeks card below!!!!
Titled ..."Ol' Irish Blessing"!


  1. What a wonderful day it must have been Leanne. My daughter and I are going to a TH workshop in the UK on the 29th August. We are so excited. Hugs Rita xxx

  2. Hi Leanne sounds like a fun day. I love Orlando such a fun place and my favourite shop is Walmart x

    Crafty hugs Annie, your newest follower x

  3. Great post! How fortunate you were to be even that close...I so enjoy seeing his demos...It would be awesome to see him doing those demos in real life.

  4. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog and thanks also for sharing this video. I can imagine just how difficult it must have been to get close enough to see or hear his demos though. I love all things 'Tim' and have quite a few of his products!!

  5. My friend and I were also at that convention. And we were lucky enough to get a front position to watch his demonstrations. He was also nice enough to have a pic taken with my friend and I on Sunday morning. I love those conventions!
    And your card is lovely. Wish I could sign up to get your blog by email.

  6. Dear Anonymous
    If you would just email me at my blog (on right hand column) I would be happy to put on my email list.
    Thanks for stopping and I hope you come back often.


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