Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Soft and Feathery....

Today I have used my Spellbinders Rose Blossoms die cut (once again) to make another pretty card for you. 

 I love those roses die cuts!  I colored it in with my chalk dobbers and used turquoise chalk ink for the roses and green chalk for the leafs.  I don't ever really recall seeing blue/turquoise roses, however, I guess we can't always make our work true to life in colors when crafting? I just like turquoise and green combination together.

I seem to get allot of use out of my Stampin-Up' "Eu Francis" stamp and embossed the lettering for the back ground with a light green Sage embossing powder from Sprinkle N Sparkle.  Unfortunately you are not able to see the raised embossed lettering in my picture or true color Sage green.   

I recently purchased pretty white bird feathers and decided that this might just be the touch it needed to the front.  I think it adds a touch of softness to this card.  I also added some real lace to the bottom above the punched lace and added pearls and 3 little butterflies.  Then adding roses with glitter to each side as the final touch.  

I think this card turned out soft and pretty?
Hope it tickles your fancy?

Have a great day friends....

Blessings to all….Leanne

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Couple More Pillow Box's

OK....I know I promised you a look at more of my pillow box's in my last post.  So here they are.  I won't make you wait any longer. I really love glamming up these box's. 

Since Christmas is just around the corner.... I think my daughter may need a few more little gifts at Christmas to give to her neighbors so, I thought I'd help her out with these.   Last year I made something else for my daughter to give to her neighbors.   It was a hit!!!  I'm hoping these will be a hit also?  I think these Pillow Box's make a stunning little gift?  I enjoy making these little gifts and my daughter is a busy Mom.   So, I have the time to devote to it and she doesn't.   This is one small way of helping her out.

AND...if your wondering what's inside this time....we'll it's not candy.  Actually, I was able to fill them with FREE shampoo, conditioner and  bath soap that you are so graciously given at hotels for your convenience. 

 You really can't fill these Pillow Box's with anything to large so, I decided to use my freebies for this project since they are such small samples they give you at hotels.  I took my freebies and covered them with 2" X 4" Avery labels and used my Stampin-Up' roller again in a pretty Vintage print and violet color to match my blue pillow box's.   I printed out a template (on my computer) from a free website to download a Pillow Box Template and cut it out free hand. (I enlarged them a tiny bit myself and tweaked the template to make a larger box than the original template).  This made it easier to be able to fit all the freebies inside the box.

Now...this picture gives you a look at how the shampoo, conditioner, and bath bar look with the Avery Labels Vintage design I stamped and adhered to them,  before filling my box's.  

 Now here is another peek at ANOTHER - Pillow Box I made with a similar look to the Pillow Box (at the top of the page) and another look to see how similar and different it can look.

I hope these box's and picture's have inspired your paper crafting ideas and creativity today?  If so, let me know?  Comments are always welcome! 
Especially... if you have any helpful hints to offer?  I'd love to hear about them.

Until next week ... please have a wonderful week.
Paper hugs and blessings to all.  From Leanne!!!

Happy Stamping Ladies…

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pillow Box's and Candy Gift Box

Welcome back stampers!!!  I have a couple project to share with you today. Not only do I enjoy making greeting cards but I also enjoy other paper crafting projects with my supplies. 

Recently my husband and I went on a trip out of state to attend my niece's wedding to our home state.  We had a wonderful time and the wedding was beautiful.  Many Congratulations... to Alexa and Alan. Your Wedding was memorable  and I was honored to share in your special day.  To see their Wedding card I made for them, click on this link and go to: I Hear Wedding Bell's.

Knowing I'd be seeing and visiting with many of my wonderful friends during the week before the wedding, I wanted a little something to give each person as I greeted and visited them.  So, I made these cute little "Pillow Box's" and filled them with Hershey Nuggets and wrapped the candy with standard Avery Mailing Labels and used my Stampin Up' Rolling Stamp to make a pretty design on the labels and also to the front of each Pillow Box.  I also color coordinated each the of candy wrappers to match the box color. (I only showed 3 candies to give you an idea of how the wrapped candies looked.)   I wrapped wedding netting around each box and made a bow with it. The netting helped add a nice soft touch, and I added a few more elements to bling it up. I think each person was pleasantly surprised with the cute little box's?

I also took time to visit with a special friend on our trip and it was her birthday this month, so... I made her a beautiful card (posted below/Heat Embossing on Vellum Card) and gave her this cute box  filled with candy that I made. (I made this same box previously in Feb also) and gave it to another friend. It's to pretty not to make and give to several friends. 

Before giving the boxed candy to my girlfriend I wrapped the box in a cellophane bag  and added a bow with ribbon. Wrapping it in a cello bag and adding a bow really makes it feel and look special.  (Not shown here). You can see how this box was made if you visit my blog at: Candy Anyone?  I think this makes an exceptional gift for anyone?

That's all for now ladies.  Hope you liked my projects?  I do have some more pillow box's that I have made this week and will post them for viewing later on.  They are quite pretty and want to show them off soon.   So....STAY TUNED for more.

Blessings to all….Leanne

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Heat Embossing on Vellum...

Here we are together again and I hope your enjoying stopping by my place each week?  I know many of you stop by but are hesitant to leave me a message.  Remember....one stamper to another loves comments.  So don't be shy.  I'm looking forward to hearing from you.  Let's have your thoughts on this one?

It is my dearest girlfriends birthday in Oct and I wanted her to have this card because I think it turned out superb.  Plus, I know purple is one of her favorite colors.  I was able to hand deliver this to her and she was estaic with pleasure as to how pretty this was.  Happy Birthday blessings to my dear friend Lena.  Hope your special day is as special as your friendship has been to me through the many years?

I'll try to keep this sweet and short today.  Lets talk about heat embossing on Vellum  and how tricky it can be.   For those of you who may not do heat embossing much, always remember that while using the heat gun on vellum paper you must move the heat gun around your paper allot so that it will not burn one particular spot, because leaving the gun in one area for to long definalty will burn the paper.  I know it's happened to me when I first started trying to heat emboss on velum. 

 I love the way the white embossing powder looks on the vellum paper. I chose a flourishes stamp I had amongst my collection and used my white embossing powder on the vellum paper. I think white on white always looks so stunning. The pretty butterfly is colored slightly with Pearl Ex water colors in the center with a pretty lavender color to match the card.  I then added a few flourishes made with iridescent white chip board.   Then adding some pretty lace and lavender rhinestones along with a flowered deep purple rose with leaves.   And lastly a cute little white boarder to help finish it off.

Hoping your day or week is going well?  May God continue to surround you with his love and keep each of you safe in the palm of his hand....

Blessings to all….Leanne

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