Sunday, May 20, 2012

Orlando Scrapbook Expo with Kittie Kraft

This weekend I had the pleasure of a quick get away weekend to Orlando, Fl. to attend the "Scrapbook Expo" in Orlando.  I arrived early on Saturday morning to begin my journey through the rows of booths with many vendors.  But before I did, I made sure to find the 'Rubbernecker Stamping Booth' immediately before the crowds became unbearable.  I was tipped off from my dear friend (Peggy) that Kitte Caracciolo known as "Kittie Kraft" ....just may be there for the show and to demo?  So I set out on my own personal quest to find her.  What could be a better opportunity?

I found the Rubbernecker booth and approaced it hoping Kittie would be there?  Well....SHE WAS!
I managed a few stolen minutes with Kittie to talk and introduce myself in person. Communicating through email is one thing, but meeting in person is sooo.... much nicer!  I have to say Kittie is one of the most genuine and down to earth person I have ever meet.  I was lucky that I was there early and no one was at the booth at that moment which gave me an extraordinary time to be able to talk with her in person.  After it became a bit busy Kittie got to work demonstrating her techniques and using some of her fabulous stamps she shares for sale with Rubbernecker Stamp Co.  It was so much fun watching her create!  Kittie always does such a bang up job! 

I also managed to take  a few minutes of  movies with my digitial camera of Kittie working.  (Maybe, later at some point, I can download it to my website for you to view?)  First I need to practice on downloading it?  Not sure if I'm quite that computer technical to figure it out?  LOL!

YEA!!! I was able to get it uploaded to my blog for you to see Kittie Caracciolo demonstrating her techniques at the stamp show in Orlando.

All for now stampers....My weekend was fabulus and I hope yours was as well? I plan on attending a couple more shows this year if all goes well?  Another one in Charlotte, N.C. in August?
Thanks so much for stopping by. 


  1. Oh how fun for you to meet Kittie and go to the convention. So many of ours have stopped in this area or have gotten so small it's not worth the gas to drive there.

  2. Oh how nice that you had the opportunity to meet Kitty, I really enjoy seeing her fabulous cards at Splilt Coast Stampers. Your video was great. I had the priviledge last year to attend my first stamp convention and it was only about 20 minutes from my home. We had a great time. I also went to the Heirloom comvention a few weeks ago, another great day, and I made sure I got to the Rubbernecker booth, bought lots of stamps there (the Lady stamps) Haven't had time to make any cards with them yet.

  3. Boy would I love the meet you and Kittie! Thanks for sharing the video!


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